Moving Tomorrow

You don’t know how much stuff you have until you haul it out of the closets and cupboards and try to pack it into boxes. Where the bleep did all this stuff come from?

12 thoughts on “Moving Tomorrow

  1. Ain’t it the truth. I sure admire people who didn’t inherit the packrat gene like I did. When I shuffle off ol’ mister mortal coil, there’s going to be a hell of a yard sale. Too, bad I won’t be there.

    I hope the move went well and none of the good stuff got broken.

  2. We discovered this when we moved to Michigan from Alabama. I have already declared that my next move will involve a pine box …

  3. As someone who moves a lot I have learned to hate “stuff”..No matter how much I get rid of more stuff just seems to show up!

  4. I expect the final act of abandoning the homestead will be unplugging the hi-speed modem. And the first thing to get plugged in at the new place. In the meantime, you are in limbo, barely connected to Internet life-support by your cell phone.

    After you get your stuff in appropriate cubbyholes and cabinets, you have mail. Not critical. I hope the new place feels like home real soon.

    James – I’m with you, but further South. They can bury me in the warm sands of Florida. A gator or hurricane might get me but I won’t die of a heart attack shoveling snow.

    • I expect the final act of abandoning the homestead will be unplugging the hi-speed modem.

      How did you guess?

      And the first thing to get plugged in at the new place.

      Alas, I have to wait for the cable guy to come and hook me up, sometime between 5 and 8 pm. I’ll be in withdrawal.

  5. Whenever I move which was four years ago, I always complain about Bill Gates and wonder what has he done for me lately. Nothing he has done–despite his supposed genius–has improved the moving process. Until someone can do that, I proclaim no geniuses. I mean, why can’t we take our mouse and click on old place, tell to move all personal possessions. Then, click on new place and your “stuff” is all moved. Wouldn’t that be great.

  6. We have found boxes unopened since we moved 20+ years ago! The more I get rid of, the freer I feel. The hardest thing, though, is cookbooks. I’ll never get around to all of them, but I have such good intentions!

  7. Good luck with your move ,Maha!
    Its been about 20 years since our last move.Between the crap that followed me from California and the crap I’ve accumulated here I now have more crap than even I could have imagined. I too have that pack rat mentality;you just never know when that 2 inch piece of stainless steel wire might come in handy and that rusted out pontoon barge might be good for just one more job someday. My wife keeps asking me to make up a list of what I have and what it’s worth. Between what my crap’s worth and the insurance policy she might figure out something I’ve been trying to hide for several years.

  8. Erineyes, the numbers might not look so bad if you get a quote on hauling it all to the dump, then subtract from the payout.

  9. Raised as an Army brat, the system was quite straightforward. A (as in one) box would show up next to my bed. Anything I wanted to take to my dad’s next duty station had to fit in the box. If it didn’t fit, it didn’t go.

  10. Bill B,
    The catch is there are 2 new scrap yards in town and our local landfill has closed. Last month the dishwasher crapped out, so I replaced it and took the old one to the scrap yard where they paid me $13.00. The landfill would have charged me about five bucks.My wife expressed great interest and started asking how much some items very dear to me would be worth in scrap.
    It looks like I’ll have to hide some stuff.

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