Word From the Ant Farm

I’m still breathing. I’m calling my new home the “ant farm” because right now it’s a maze of packing boxes. I’ve been too busy to do much in the way of unpacking.

Stuff to read —

Republicans Not Coping Well With Election Results

Karl Rove and Dick Morris are persona non grata at Fox, for now.

Dick Armey and FreedomWorks split.

24 thoughts on “Word From the Ant Farm

  1. Welcome to your new home – or, as I’ll call it – The Taj-maha.

    It’s been fun to watch the Republicans try not to implode/explode, with each faction sharpening its tongue’s and teeth – and hopefully soon – knives. I’m waiting for the impending ‘Mutiny in the Asylum.’
    And maybe soon, with The Orange Boner taking away committee seats from dissidents, I expect the rest of this week to continue to be fun -possibly leading to a group around Boner committing a ‘Speaker-cide,’ with Boner’s last words in the position being, “Et tu, Cantor?”
    And in the end, there’ll be no one to praise Boner, only bury him – under a mountain of invectives.

    Have fun, de-boxing, maha!

    Here in NY State, a bunch of renegade Democrats have arranged for a power-splitting arrangement with Republicans.

    Right before the election, I got some letters from Governor Cuomo, asking me to vote for some Republicans in my area.
    ‘WTF?,’ I thought!
    And that is why, if HE runs for President, I will do whatever I can to undermine that SOB!
    Mario, while you were off politicing, are you sure Matilda wasn’t allowing some hard-core Conservative mailman to slip his letter in her mailbox?
    Kirsten – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Andrew – NO, NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Whew, glad it’s not because you found it swarming with ants!

    It’s been fun watching the Repugs fight amongst themselves. Really fun.

  4. On the Rove -Morris this Roger Ailes directed:

    “He wants the faces associated with the election off the air — for now”

    Who’s left? The 24hr Sheppard Smith, Juan Williams and Bob Beckel network! The rest of the network on-air folks are all Teabagger hacks, who the hell does Ailes think he’s fooling? I wonder if he watches his own network?

  5. Karl and Dick – banished!

    I wonder what FUX Noise’s GULag is like?

    Will they be punished with hard and upleasant labor -like making them read Liberal books and blogs?

    Will they prop their eyes open, and force them to watch Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” on an endless loop?

    Or, worse yet, will they leave those two in a room alone, with no other stimuli, and force them to look and talk to each other?

    A Republican “No Exit.”
    Maybe that’s even too cruel for these two.

  6. Welcome home Maha!

    Just wanted to say a word about how the right is fixing their problem with voters: Over at glenn beck’s place , glenn has blazed into the art world. His masterpiece? A jar with a plastic Obama figure in it filled with piss. It was for sale on e bay, and they removed it, but it was up to 11,000.00 before they took it down. They continued the bidding on their own website.

  7. A glass jar with a plastic Obama figure filled with piss.
    AHH, Le Beck Du Jour, How thorougly tasteful; I wonder if the piss is Beck’s.One of his fans is liable to buy it for a golden shower or holy water or something.They’re bloody sick, they are.

  8. When my wife moved into my small Bachelor pad in Tampa, it was pretty much the same. She had 53 cartons of books alone. We had to thread our way between the stacked cartons for a few weeks. There was a certain excitement about it. It was a new place. I think every time that I move, I approximate my true self a bit more. in my case that might not be a benefit, but in yours, I am sure it is.

  9. The LIS (Lost Item Syndrome) falls into two categories.

    There are items you remember packing – somewhere – but haven’t seen in any of the most likely boxes (MLBs).

    Second, and even more frustrating as a symptom of LIS is items you remember unpacking but aren’t in any of the MLC – Works as Most Likely Cabinet – Most Likely Cubby or Most Likely Closet.

    Eventually it all sorts out and life can return to it’s normal weirdness.

    Have fun.

  10. Tom Coburn now says he would support higher tax rates on the wealthy. A tiny first fissure in the wall, or yet another bait and switch? Hmm.

  11. HOKEY SMOKES, Bullwinkle!!!

    Jim DeMint is resigning from the Senate – ostensibly to run The Heritage Foundation!

    Now why would a Senator, with 4 years left on his term, leave to head a “Think Tank?”
    It’s not like there wouldn’t be any in a 4 years.

  12. cund – how noble of Mr. DeMint, giving up his Senate seat to increase his income geometrically. Quite a guy. Where’s old Harry Truman who, when his term as president was up was offered some super-high paying jobs in the private sector, all of which he turned down with ‘noble’ words.

    Like, you don’t want me, you want the Office of the President, which, by the way, isn’t for sale and if it were I don’t own it anyway, the American people do (so fuck off.) Of course, old Harry died leaving only one asset, his house – which his wife inherited from her mother.

  13. Filed under General Outrage… I can’t believe this woman was once a presidential Press Secr– Oh. Wait. That president.

    In the aftermath of the murder-suicide, NBC Sports’ Bob Costas took the opportunity to advocate for better gun control. “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today,” he said during a halftime segment on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.”

    On Fox News’ The Five, the hosts argued the opposite, suggesting that if women in domestic violence situations were armed, they’d be able to protect themselves better.

    Dana Perino, the former White House press secretary, offered a slightly different approach.

    “I think it skirts the issue,” she said. “Women are victims of violence all the time.”

    Co-host Greg Gutfeld repeated that they should have guns.

    “Well, maybe, or make better decisions,” Perino said.

    Wow, do those Fox Noise commentators huff car exhaust right before going on the air? It’s hard to out-stupid the “arm everybody” argument, but “blame the victims” does it.

  14. This blog is kinda like a “Think Tank” but there’s no money in it. How can we change that?

    Joan; Regarding Dana Perino, she is now a FOX prostitute.She’ll repeat whatever the boys tell her to say (with a pretty smile).

  15. There was a clip i saw just after the 2008 election of Dana Perino saying with a straight face, that “there were no terrorist attacks during the Bush administration.”

  16. Joan, perhaps they are drinking from glenn becks jar. Kinda like licking a frog only it makes you stupid instead of high.

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