11 thoughts on “When Pundits Collide

  1. I kept waiting for a mouse to run out of Matlin’s hair – but I guess it couldn’t have survived the blender her hairdresser put her coiffeure through.
    FSM bless James, he keeps visually handicapped hairdressers employed, all to make his wife look as rediculous as her guiding “philosophy.”
    Either that, or she showed up after a weekend bender at Peggy Noonan’s house, where they did each others make-up and hair after downing a couple of liters of cheap gin.

    And who said Newt couldn’t dodge when someone threw a ball right at his fat zeppelin head?
    Why is this fat, philandering and self-important man on my TV every week?
    Hey, ‘scheduler’s,” there’s another letter besides “G!”
    You might want to try having a more recent, not at all disgraced, Speaker of the House on – her name is NANCY PELOSI!


  2. I’m with you, Gulag – there was a vague smell of cheap gin around Mary as she was raving there. I have to say, Paul Krugman seems like one of the nicest guys on the planet. He sits politely and listens to such tripe, and then ever so often tries to get a bit of reality in. I was kind of hoping for a snappy comeback like, “Oh, right. I’m the economist, I’ll let you be the polemicist,” but that’s not Paul’s style.

    (When I imagine hell, one possible scenario would be being a fly on the wall in the Carville/Matalin household. )

  3. I am so grateful for Krugman’s patience, which is what must have restrained him from giving George Will the slapdown he deserves. Will bloviates pseudo-philosophically about the overall situation and pretends he’s getting to the heart of the matter when he supports Ryan’s numberless “budget” as a way to say the Republicans have a real plan. And this is Will on a good day. But then he goes after Krugman for pointing out facts! What a ……..

  4. I don’t understand why the white house isn’t putting forward a better argument to lay the cliff at the feet of the teabaggers, remember after the sequester deal was cut and the Boner got on the teevee and said “I got 95% of what I wanted”? Not sure about the exact percentage but he said it. The baggers were acting as if they achieved a victory. They really need to find that clip and play it over and over.

  5. When I imagine hell, one possible scenario would be being a fly on the wall in the Carville/Matalin household.

    No kidding!

    I would be happy if Krugman got even equal face time with that idiot, Norquist. Unlike Norquist, Krugman uses vocabulary correctly, has a non-delusional historical perspective, presents genuinely impressive credentials, and can grow a real effin’ beard.

  6. Me: “But you lost, Mary, you lost!”

    Her: “this Kenysian lunacy (flip hair – look disgusted)”

  7. Joan,
    Krugman makes them have to think.

    The news bloviation fest hosts, and generally geriatric viewers, like their meals pre-chewed, and easy to digest – so they bring on Johnny Mac, his pal, the foof from SC, Newt, or Grover. And then they pick someone from their stable of lame “Liberals,” like Joe Klein, or some other well warmed-over turd.

    Heaven forbid these “news” show actually break some news, or have someone on whose opinion we haven’t already heard a million times – and who haven’t had an original thought since Ronnie could still Nancy from a fern.

    And if Krugman’s NOT on ABC, then I don’t watch George Vowel-a-lot-a-lous’s show. I love when he’s on, because you can really tell he gets under Will’s skin. I keep waiting for Will to wear a bowtie, and, after Krugman makes a point that contradicts whatever irrational Conservative point that moron just made, for that thing to spin like a helicopter’s propeller, and lift him off the set as if he was holding onto Mary Poppin’s shoes.
    I avoid David Gregory like he was a contagious leper, and don’t watch CBS’s show with Lincoln War Correspondent Boob Sleeper.
    I DO love me some MSNBC on Saturday and Sunday mornings!!!

  8. Carville says the things I’m thinking even more than Krugman. When those rich weenies clustered around that table start talking about how “we” must be frugal to pay for “our” recent excesses I want to choke them.

    Maybe when we do away with lame duck legislative sessions we could also make it a hanging offense to misuse pronouns for sleazy, self-serving ends. Then, to avoid dates with the hangman, our pundits would have been obliged to say “we” spent too much and now “you” are gonna have to pay for it.

  9. Gulag, yeah, I get the impression that Prof. Krugman, and likewise Robert Reich, are Too Smart For The Room. Both guys make most teevee news producers say, “Ow, fuzzy man make head hurt. Fuzzy man no talk!”

    I had the pleasure of seeing the brainless Maria Bartiromo on a split screen with Reich on Saturday, and as he was Splainin’ Stuff in his Berkeley-brainiac way, her eyes went completely dead. I mean, George W. Bush lobotomized-chimp-eyes dead. It was both terrifying and completely unsurprising. (Maria is the one who, in the run-up to the Affordable Care Act vote, asked a 44-year-old Dem congressman, “If Medicare is so good, why aren’t you on it?”)

    What’s that Vonnegut story about the dumbed-down future? “Harrison Bergeron”? Welcome to Now.

  10. I’m inclined to agree with the lost weekend scenario with Noonan. Mary looks like she needs a hair of the dog that bit her.

  11. “Please sir ; can I have some more porridge?”

    I’m an average American who is agin’ raisin’ taxes on the wealthy because some day I might get me some money. And I refuse to share it with them welfare queens and niggras and messicans. And damned them teachers who only work 9 months a year but get paid for 12. And union people make TOO MUCH MONEY, and they are LAZY ! I WORK for a living!.

    Funny stuff. Last year a doctor told me that if Obamacare goes through, many doctors will give up their practices and do something else. I didn’t ask what “else” they would do. Perhaps they would start working on cats or somethin’. Or get a hot dog cart.

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