11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to the best friends I never met – here on Mahablog.
    Kudos to our hostess – Barbara – for giving us a warm place to meet.

  2. OT. Sad, OT.

    We’ve lost two terrific actors. Jack Klugman and Charles Durning passed away.

    Klugman was in my 2nd favorite TV show of all time, after “The Honeymooners” – “The Odd Couple,” which had more great gags and jokes than almost any 2 other shows at that time had, combined. And that was when we had “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” and the original “Bob Newhart Show,” and “Taxi,” and “Barney Miller,” and the ubiquitous “M.A.S.H.” and “All in the Family.”
    That was the height of broadcast TV comedy series.
    And the funny thing was, my Mother wouldn’t let me watch it, when it was originally on. Two MEN – living TOGETHER! OOOOOOOOOOOH!!! Can’t watch that!
    And so, I watched it when it was in reruns. And, after watching the shows, too, my Mom actually fell in love with that show.

    And Durning was the quintessential character actor. He was also another WWI veteran and hero.
    I had a chance to do 2 staged readings with him, in Poughkeepsie, back in the mid-90’s. He was a class act. And, if you didn’t know him, you’d have thought that he was just another local actor, old and infirm, and with some relatives or friends around, to help him get around.

    R.I.P., to the great Klugman, and Durning.
    Ya done good, guys!

  3. Klugman and Durning! What gifts they gave us through the years! Wishing Christmas and New Year happiness to all, in memory and in the present and in the future!

  4. I was hoping Santa would bring me a Bushmaster .223, but instead he got me a Jesus,Joseph, and Mary snow globe…..bummer!

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