3 thoughts on “FreedomWorks Fractures

  1. This is great news, and it would be funny, and worthy of its own dose of Schadenfreude, except that Armey essentially pulled an armed coup, before getting bought out. I look at this, and I think, “Stick-up!”
    He walked into the office, with some unidentified man with a gun, and began firing people.
    Why was that necessary, except to intimidate everyone else?
    And in doing what he did, he showed his true colors – he is an @$$hole, and a gutless coward. Dick, someone who wasn’t a cowardly dick, would have come in without a gun. Or, if he felt one was necessary, would wear one himself. Not find some cheap Conservative gunsel.
    I hope he is reviled within the Conservative community for the despicable and gutless way he handled himself in this situation. But, knowing them, all they can think about, is the extra $400,000 a year Dick’ll have to spend, and how they can get some in their pockets.
    And now, Freedom Works, restaffed with the people Dick fired, with that Billionaire loonies money, will continue moving even further to the right – though, how they do that without wearing brown shirts and ‘heiling’ someone, I don’t know.
    Right now, the whose Conservative ‘movement,’ fractured as it may be, is seeking a leader. Without some identified Conservative leader, they are a covenant in search of an ark, and a spark.
    And FSM help us, if they can find another Reagan, or W. Someone that enough of the rest of the country, finds palatable, to put them back in power.

    And is the way Dick Armey handled this situation, a glimpse into the future? Will armed men/women from HR decending to a person’s office, to let them know they’ve been laid-off or fired?
    “Hey, the word is, don’t go near PR. HR’s there, and there might be a shootout!”

  2. I think that having armed guards present when downsizing someone is already common corporate practice. Putting that into a political context feels weird because it makes the tyrannical nature of corporate governance explicit.

  3. Why was that necessary, except to intimidate everyone else?

    When you are destroying somebodys livelihood it’s not a bad idea to have a weapon on you in case they don’t take it to well. It’s quite understandable that once you’ve become a cast off teabagger that job prospects in the teabagging field are slim to none. And you have to understand also that you’re dealing with people that have a deeply ingrained don’t tread on me attitude; which means they’re already primed to go off at the slightest provocation.

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