Boehner and the Baggers

There are still four days of meetings scheduled, but the big stumbling blocks to a fiscal cliff deal are John Boehner the teabagger bitter enders in the House. Boehner has said he won’t bring any bill to the House unless he can get a majority of the Republican caucus to support it. But the baggers are all about destruction and chaos and monkey wrenches, so there’s no hope for a yes vote unless Boehner is persuaded to introduce a bill that will get all the Dem and a minority of Republican votes.

Boehner and the Baggers — sounds a bit like an early 1960s rock band. I’m thinking surf/bagpipe fusion.

Joan Walsh says the President is holding all the cards. It could be an interesting weekend.

13 thoughts on “Boehner and the Baggers

  1. In football, there was an old joke about an awful game where two really bad teams met – and I hope it’s not the case here.
    The game was described as, ‘The Immovable Object, Met The Totally Resistable Force.” One side couldn’t move the ball forward, and the other side had no defense.

    The Teabaggers, obviously, are the ‘immoveable object.’ What I’m hoping for from President Obama and the Democrats, is that they not be weak, and that they can resist not giving in to that ‘immoveable object’s’ demands.
    In football, that game was funny – a joke. In politics, the consequences are neither – and potentially deadly.

    The Republican Party is now a party of Nihilists and Terrorists. And, there’s absolutely no good reason to negotiate with them, at this point. Especially not when, after January 1st, we automatically begin to eat away at the deficit they’re allegedly SOOOO very concerned about.
    And the President had better figure out a way to not have the Congress, especially the House, involved in raising the debt ceiling. The Republicans aren’t exactly Solomon, when threatening to cut the contested baby in two. They’ll gladly cut the baby in two, then hack the mother’s, and any bystanders, to death, too – if they’re given the opportunity to.
    These are some twisted Manichean motherfecker’s, who, in the cloak of “patriotism,” will gladly ruin the future of this nation, for a short term victory for themselves, and their party.

    ‘Sic Semper Republicanis!’
    Figuratively, of course…

  2. Why does anyone think any kind of deal will be reached?

    We’re going over the Fiscal Cliff and we’ll have to live with the consequences (or die horribly because vital government services have been cut back).

    I believe the Republicans will hold out hope that a double-dip recession will be blamed on Obama and the Democrats and they can ride a renewed wave of voter anger to gains in 2014 and ultimately the White House in 2016.

    With the right-wing control of the media, do not underestimate the ability of Republicans to frame the discussion about how it is all Obama and the Democrats fault for not wanting to compromise with them and how they are the reasonable ones.

    If and only if, it looks like Republicans may get creamed in 2014, will they possibly decide to help the country out.

    The polling data for this probably won’t be accurate until August or September 2014, so we just have to hope against hope we survive the next two years.

  3. How about “Weepin’ John and the Nihilists” for a band name?

    Oh, and apparently, the Republicans are coming back to DC.

    I don’t think it’s so much as to get anything done, as to stick their miserable ignorant pusses on TV, since the Democrats have pretty much had the run of the MSM since “Weepin’ John” couldn’t get his band to play to his tune, and decided that they all need to go home for the holidays, before they gather back for their out-of-tune reunion concert before the New Year.
    I, for one, can hardly wait to hear their versions of ‘Smoke On the Water,” and “Eve of Destruction.”
    Despite what they decide to play, I’ll be humming, “Yesterday” for the next few days – oh, and “Imagine,” too.

  4. I predict it will end with a round of self congratulatory back patting and praise on how responsible they all are in serving the American people..after they raise the debt ceiling. Once they agreed to sequestration with the sacred military budget included in the negotiation equation the game was over.. If granny don’t get her meals on wheels than Bibi won’t get his Patriot missles and cluster bombs.

  5. To borrow a tune from a seasonal song “It’s beginning to look a lot like Cliff-mas, everywhere you go.” I realize the White House is meeting with everyone today, but I hope that’s about appearing reasonable and getting a photo op, not actually working too hard. At this point it’s to Obama’s advantage to run out the clock, and I’d suggest they be extra slow in pouring all the coffees, and that they take frequent bathroom breaks. Every so often someone should mutter a derisive comment about “if John can get it passed” just a little to loudly, in hopes of pissing off the Orange Man with a round of snickers and giggles.

    Me, I’m going off the grid for a few days, and by the time I get back, something will have happened, and life will go on next year.

  6. biggerbox,
    Enjoy your time away from the grid.
    I don’t have much else to do, so this grid is the only thing keeping me sane.
    And no, I don’t mean that if I can’t get on the intertubes, I’ll go nuts, and run out and buy a gun, and start shooting people who I don’t like, or who annoy me.

    I’m not outwardly destructive. More like, sit around the house, occsionally drinking some vodka, sipping beer, while reading books from the Library. I’m what I guess people would call, a ‘Reading Nut,” for lack of a better term. Or, maybe “Information Junkie,” since I also have kept dictionaries and volumes of encyclopedia’s in the john, so I don’t miss a second of reading something. Sometimes, I drag an old copy of the Baseball Almanac in there, and stay way beyond what is necessary.
    Yeah, I know – TMI!

  7. gulag…You can always try to find the hidden Imam to help manitain your sanity. I did. It was quite an arduous mental odyssey, but he can be found. He’s not as well hidden as he’s lead people to believe. Good luck on your journey if you decide to embark upon it.. Happy hunting and Happy new Year.

  8. I think the fiscal cliff is more like a big water slide, the kind where you’re scared to go over the edge, but in the end, the worst think about it is going over the edge,getting water jammed up your nose, then pulling your bathing suit outta your butt crack in front of everyone.
    I think Swami said it correctly.
    Mamas, don’t let yer bibis grow up to be cowboys…….
    Happy new Year!

  9. Swami,
    Thanks, but on my journey, I think I’d rather reach out and toast “The Flying Spaghetti Monster!”

    And it’s not such an arduous journey.
    Some cheap red wine, some cheap pasta, some veggies, and some cheap Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on it (since we can’t afford some real Parmigiano Riggiano), and I am as close to “satori” as I can be, without some female companionship – willing, female companionship! And, all of the above included, of course!!!

  10. Cundgulag, for a short time our local Aldi had Parmigiano Reggiano, the real deal, at a bargain price. They usually tailor their inventory to the locale, which means that in our neck of the woods, the good stuff is promptly discontinued. But, you may live in an area where people appreciate it enough to keep it on the menu. It’s worth a try.

  11. goatherd,
    Thanks, there’s an Aldi opening about 3 miles away, next month. I used to shop in one in Fayetteville, NC, and I know they’ve got some great deals, and great stuff.
    And, despite my living here, this is still kind of a midde class suburban area – thought I’m sure my Mom and I drag down the economic numbers, a bit. 😉

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