16 thoughts on “Richard III (1452-1485)

  1. Poor sod.
    He he lost his Kingdom, he lost his life – did they, by chance, find a horse nearby?

  2. 😀 I had been reading about this for some months, as I love history and archaeology both. It is exciting if they have definitely identified him.

  3. Now is the winter of our discontent turned, not into any kind of summer exactly, just into a day where the news is a bit more interesting than usual ….I think the curved spine made it easy to tell.

    And the reference to the 1954 Plymouth Belvedere was hilarious…

  4. Unfortunately, even the Shakespeare is eclipsed by a scene from the first season of “Blackadder”.

  5. Liberals are such kind people. There has not been one single solitary mention of the world’s probable reaction centuries hence when Dick Cheney’s Borg-machine heart implant is unearthed. Yet.

  6. Cheney is going down in history with a remembrance comprable to Vlad the Impaler. Legend will have it that he feasted on human body parts to sustain his existence. He didn’t need fresh young virgins…any old corpse could provide him nutritional value.

    ” But again, I must return to the flesh”

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