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  1. I don’t know haw it happened, but I’m on their mailing list and I read that story yesterday. “The greatest living President”?
    I’m thinking if Laura were to suggest painting Barney, W would have dug him up and dipped him in paint. He’s “special”.

  2. ‘You call W a painter? Hitler.. ZERE vas a painter! He could do a whole apartment in vone afternoon – TWO COATS!!!”

    And as much as I hated, and still hate, W, I’m not going to criticize his painting. That was part of a confidential e-mail he sent to his sister, that this hacker got into, and sent out.
    That was for HER eyes, and maybe I’m assuming here, NOT for public display.

    Now, if he sent his paintings to an art gallery for display, I’d feel free to criticize and mock him.

    We all have a right to privacy. I hope that hacker’s caught and receives an appropriate punishment.

    We have several lifetime’s worth of things we can mock W for, his private paintings don’t need need to be one of them.
    Or psychoanalyzed for his paintings, either.

    Even stupid and ignorant sociopaths deserve some level of privacy – as long as they’re not breaking any laws.
    Now, some art critics may find his attempts at painting to be criminal, in the sense of art, but they are not criminal in the sense of breaking any laws.

  3. Having said all of that, if anyone wants to mock the Varshingtun Fried Bakun, feel free.

    Degas and Manet must be spinning in their graves, to have the idiots at the Frei Bakon compare W’s painting style to theirs.

    If just shows that the morons at the Free Nightlight know as much about art, as they do about politics.

  4. The best part is the last line, “Winston Churchill also painted.” S. J. Perelman never wrote a better throwaway than that.
    That said, gulag is quite right, breaking into and distributing someone’s personal email, even a public figure’s, is not OK in any circumstances. The humor is not in the paintings but what the clowns at Free Beacon think they see in them.

  5. I don’t want to mock him. I love the one in the bathtub. He can paint f-ing circles around me. I wish he had just been a painter. The one in the shower is pretty cool as a study of self-portraits while looking the other way and use of reflections. Not easy. I’m also astonished by the lack of updated bathroom fixtures. This is no modern house, but some retreat-like lodge. Maybe he set up in the servant’s quarters?

  6. The painting is one of Kahlo’s most visionary and disturbing; the sophisticated water fantasy provides the vehicle for a densely-packed portrayal of the artist’s subconscious. It’s almost as if she crammed her entire life into this bathtub scene

    Now just apply this to George’s bathtub – tee hee.
    Nevertheless, I want a print of it for my bathroom.

  7. Yeah, I’m with Jen. I think the paintings are kind of interesting. I mean, suppose you didn’t know who painted them?

    Of course, the painting I would really like to see by George W. Bush would show the interior of his prison cell.

  8. I see a cleansing of the soul theme…I’m surprised he didn’t tint the water in the bath tub a reddish tone to symbolize the innocent blood of his Iraqi victims.

    The shower painting, with it’s skewed geometry in the mirror,appears to tell that he can’t look at himself in a mirror…But he does have command of line and color.

    I would title them…Nude descending from reality.

  9. I agree that it’s a pity that we’re seeing these at all. But now that I have seen them, I must confess that they prove he has potential. They show a moody and introspective side to him; a willingness to bare himself, and a desire to come clean. If he works hard on this for a long time, then he might achieve something. He should have started decades ago. I agree with Stralka that the inside of a cell would be the best place for him to cultivate the necessary solitude and contemplation.

  10. Oh dear, sorry I looked. I can’t help imagining a future critique of this artwork, and responding with my usual “Who TF do they think he is?”

    Still, it is nice to imagine what might not have been.

  11. Maybe if he cuts off his ears he might increase the value of his art work for his posterity

    “I could have told you, Dubya..this world was never meant for someone as beautiful as you.”

  12. So I wanted to take a couple days to absorb the art and the comments here before I made a comment, sorry I am so late.

    I think in light of how time has played out since bush left office that the shower picture made a lot of sense. Think of how bush has to feel. Forget what we know and think about it from georges point of view; He USED to think he was the most powerful man on the planet. It has to be culture shock to leave the office. First everyone is at your command and now, well, no one really cares.. Now we all understand why no one cares ( who is beating down his door to get his take on current events or anything for that matter?) but still, it’s gotta sting.

    Our last election had to be a giant kick in the ass for someone who thinks the world revolves around him, I mean think about it, his own party didn’t want him anywhere near their convention, hell they didn’t even let him tape a message, and to add insult to injury he see’s Bill Clinton being hailed like a f’ ing rock star by the left at their convention and you know what he did damn it( he got a monica) so why the hell does everyone still like him? He probably sat by the phone till the last election results were in just sure he would be called to go out on the campaign trail with mitt witt, but his phone never rang. How many times do you bet he picked up the phone or made someone call him to be sure his phone was still working?

    No body wants to talk about him, the right wishes more than anything the nation would forget long enough to get back in power. This entire election season he was the lingering odor in the room no one mentioned. That has to be rough on even the most thick skinned person, especially one who left office believing he was legandary, dude!

    Maybe he is wondering if he even exists.Those who use to tell him he is brilliant no longer even take his calls. It has to be like the movies where the character is dead and still trying to talk to everyone but no one can see or hear them. Maybe the only time he is sure he still exists in when he looks at the mirror in his shower and see’s his reflection and he can still feel the water on his skin…

    And as for the comments about how we shouldn’t even see his private e mails, well I thought about that good and hard, because 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Just because HE took the right to that privacy away FOREVER from every single law abiding citizen shouldn’t mean the tables turning is a good thing, but then I think of all the human suffering HE caused. More than most of us can imagine. And I think how he ought to be sitting in prison right now, on trial for his crimes so he ought to count his damn blessings because he has more privacy and freedom now than he would ever be afforded sitting where he belongs awaiting justice. So, no I don’t really give a rats ass about his privacy. He did enough damage for 10,000 life times, now he can stay under the rock from which he came. And after 8 years of having to put up with him burying us in the hole we find ourselves in now I am envoking the right to mock him, shame him and point out the criminal he is any and every single chance I get. I would judge how he eats breakfast if the servants ever tape it. I am sure he is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people who would want it that way, cause annoyed people who thought bush was an ass died too.

    And given what we pay a war criminal to sit on his ass and be protected at gunpoint I will go a step further! I want SOMETHING for all that damn money, since we know he will never do anything to actually help humanity and earn it I say we install web cams (like zoo’s have) in every room in his homes, his land, his cars( Good Lord do they let him drive??) I wanna see it all. Little george flipping the tv stations till laura takes the remote away, him picking out sock fuzz from between his toes , him running around in his under roo’s with one cowboy boot on.

    Now I don’t want to see this all the time, but just like the government programs that he unleashed that will spy on us forever I feel entitled to look whenever I want. Also I think we could make people watch it as a new form of torture. Tell me what I want to know or it’s 72 straight hours of watching bush!! Who wouldn’t talk before we ever had to use it?.Privacy is one of the many things his inability to do his job cost us so all I can say is I feel his pain. The difference is the FBI isn’t looking into it when the government does it to the rest of us. Some of us have even had our accounts hacked and the FBI never showed up to crack the case.

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