12 thoughts on “Why Am I Not Surprised?

  1. This reminds me of why you never want to turn away when some redneck says, “Hold my beer, and watch THIS!!!”
    That one phrase ought to justify being nominated for a Darwin Award.
    The minute you hear it, just call the Darwin Awards committee. You can probably call the collect – not that they lack for nominees without your help.

    But, it’s ok!
    It’s all for the sake of protectin’ the kids!

    • “This reminds me of why you never want to turn away when some redneck says, “Hold my beer, and watch THIS!!!””


  2. gulag… 🙂 Bible says: Laughter doeth the heart good like a medicine.

    The whole concept of arming teachers is horribly chilling..Talk about a cancer eating away at society…Sometimes I’m glad that my time on earth is growing shorter..It blows my mind to even think that arming teachers is a solution to a largely imaginary problem..Just sick!

  3. What saddens me in that article is the fact that apparently there are lots of schools around the country arming their teachers. Here is a thing I guarantee you is going to happen: some armed nutball is going to go into a school with a gun, at least some of the teachers are gonna get into a shoot-out, and the teachers themselves will end up killing just as many if not more kids than the shooter. And then we will have a great nation freak out, mourning the poor kids and wondering what kinds of idiots would allow a school to become a potential war zone, and then as usual nothing will come of it.


  4. The accident will not affect the district’s decision, in light of the Sandy Hook massacre and other school shootings, to arm employees.

    And again, “Why are we not surprised?” Pfft, Texas.

  5. There is a reason the right wants to arm teachers. The reason there are few Republican teachers is that the pay is so low for the educational requirements (those smart enough can always find a job that pays more, those that can’t find a job that pays more aren’t smart enough).

    But, add in the ability to carry while on the job… Instant recruitment poster!

  6. More guns = more accidents. It’s mathematical.
    I think the solution is “a teacher in every gun store.”

  7. You know I was never a big fan of the “homeschool” thing but I would never let my child attend a school full of armed idiots. My job as a parent is to protect them. This is so out of hand, so nuts- whats a person to do?Duck?

    Hey on a personal note, I had to call some gun stores yesterday.Settle down it’s not what you think. I need some stainless steel B-B’s because I am making extra fabulous nail polish and regular ones rust in the chemicals..Turns out all the stores around here can’t keep ammo on the shelf at all…One owner told me , with a chuckle, even his b-b’s are selling faster than he can order them…So I just gotta ask…WTF??

  8. I had to call some gun stores yesterday.Settle down it’s not what you think

    Oh, you totally won me back with “I am making extra fabulous nail polish….”

    I need a bumper sticker: “Make bling not ammo”!

    Seriously, though, here in Nebraska a guy was just convicted for shooting a woman (intentionally) three times with a BB gun, twice in the back of the head. So I guess they’re not just for kids anymore.

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