11 thoughts on “Pathological Projection on Steroids

  1. Paulie says: Uh-oh! I only voted for a mechanism.

    Obama says: Dealers choice..Pick your cuts..

  2. “…but it risks alienating the people needed to reach bipartisan compromise.”


    Obama’s be better off reaching out to the late David Broder, “The King of Bipartisanship Bullsh*t!”

    As for the mythical “reasonable Republicans,” They’re ALL FECKIN’ DEAD, YOU FECKIN’ IDJIT!!!

    Or, scared witless by the right wing base that will attack them for so much as looking at Obama without crossing themselves, spitting three times at that Devil, and sacrificing a virgin – which is tough in DC, unless you’re willing to sacrifice a male young College Republican, which is kind of like eating your own young: which you don’t want to do either, since they’re fatty, greasy, and have no taste.

    Yes, Republicans, the man you’ve called every name in the book, the man you depict with a bone through his nose, and who chomps on fried chicken, chitlins, and watermelon, and the man whose wife you insult by calling her a fat-assed ‘ho, is the one who’s risking alienating people he might need to reach “bipartisan” compromise.

    Thank the FSM that Conservatives can’t OD on projection, otherwise there’d be mass graves all over the damn country, and no one to mourn their loss – but plenty of people willing to drink gallons of beer, eat quarts of chili, and have a whole box of Ex-Lax for dessert, just to prime themselves for a visit to the burial sites.

  3. Ok I laughed so hard I almost choked on my lunch! You gotta warn a person before you write something that funny! Give em hell Barry!

  4. So the well is poisoned? Apparently the well at The Hill is poisoned with LSD, because that dude is hallucinating bipartisan people (aliens? Bigfoot? Elvis?) that don’t exist.

  5. The game gets really interesting now. The objective is not sequestration – it’s the midterm election. The prize is the US House of Representatives. The strategy – blamesmanship. (It’s not pretty but it’s all that’s left.)

    If public perception continues the trend it’s on – republicans get the blame. The situation looks increasingly like Custer’s last stand for the GOP. They have staked out this bit of turf (kinda like the Little Big Horn). They will NOT raise revenue at all in any way – not closing loopholes for business – not closing loopholes for Hedge Fund Managers.. nothing – zip – nada. This isn’t the consensus of the GOP – it’s by the direction of the puppet masters – Norquest and others.

    The probelm – as they see it – if they give ground on loopholes and exemptions, where will it end? Fair Taxes for all? – can’t have that! The whole idea is to dump the burden on the middle class – let them pay for the problems of the lower class – and leave the upper class with low taxes and all the control over government.

    I have always felt that the puppet masters knew there was a ‘peak’ – where the popular support for their libertarian gamble would not go higher – and would erode steadily as the true nature became apparent. That peak has happened – moderates see that Medicare and Social Security is on the block. (This was only supposed to affect people with dark complexions.) If the bean counters for the puppet masters have calculated that the ship is taking on water… (I’m trying for a record number of mixed metaphors here) – they are going to bet all the chips and go for broke.

    Seriously, it’s only the GOP that will take the hit if the wingnut movement falls apart. The fat cats stay fat and the loss simply ruins the GOP brand. They will go back to their fantasy world and regroup for the next attack on democracy.

  6. I got UP WITH CHRIS HAYES, had a good omelette for breakfast, and these comments for dessert! Great Sunday. Now to catch Jason Linkins on HuffPo for his liveblog of the Republican chat-go-round, and my day will be excellent.

  7. What horrible things did those awful liberals say about Elaine Chao?
    Other than she has bad taste in men, I can’t think of anything else.

  8. I think they said something like she was walking on his back after he had a rough day of sequester negotiations.

    I’m not sure what exactly the offense was, but he’ll have to get up pretty early in the morning to top Clarence’s high tech lynching claim. When it comes to playing the race card…Clarence got a royal flush, but McConnell doesn’t even have a pair( not pun intended).

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