Yeah, So They Caught the Other Guy

Live news coverage of people standing around on the streets of Watertown, pre-empting Grimm. Bummer.

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  1. I agree. I hate having my favorite programs pre-empted for news that has been going on for days. However, the west coast appears to be getting regular programming.

  2. I’m glad they got him.
    I’m glad he’s alive, and in custody.

    But I’m uncertain of what we just went through.

    We used to have J. Edgar Hoover, and “The Most Wanted List.”
    But I don’t remember the shutting whole cities down, to get “Machine Gun” Kelley, or John Dillinger, or “Pretty Boy” Floyd, or anyone after them.
    And, while this kid and his brother wounded more people than Adam Lanza, or Holmes in CO, or Loughner in AZ, did with guns, they killed less of them with bombs.

    We locked-down a major city, and sorrounding towns, because of the threat of bombs, and possible IED’s – but when the next person (probably a young, Caucasion male) goes on a GUN-shooting spree, will we, should we, lock-down another major city?

    Maybe it’s me, but I’m a tad worried that we just added another distinction in mass/serial murderers:
    Gunner v. Bomber.
    Yeah, it’s probably me…

    Speaking of me, today marks the 1 year “anniversary” of death of my Father, so we’re off in a couple of hours to church, and the cemetery.
    I still miss ya, Pop!!!

  3. Oh, and I see that our Reich Wing wants this kid treated like an “Enemy Combatant” – which, I suppose, means they want him water-boarded, and otherwise tortured, and tried before a military tribunal, before he’s sent off to Gitmo for the rest of his life.

    I want an open and fair public trial in Boston, MA.
    And, if that can’t be done because they just locked the whole city down, cancelling the Red Sox baseball game, and Bruins hockey game, then in the nearest major American city.
    And THAT’S something else that just occured to me – how do you make sure someone gets a fair trial, after we broadcast his picture ALL day, told people to stay in their homes, because apparently he was a mortal threat to millions of people, and took off people favorite programs to watch his capture?
    Riddle me that one, Batman?

  4. You know what annoys me? None of these people who “knew” these idiots picked up the phone when they saw the photos and told authorities who they were , but when the media shows up THEN everyone has a story.

    Just a few other things: At media matters yesterday they had a story about the right wings reaction to the Boston bombing prior to arrests. It was sad. Then I saw the comments at the blaze and wow..thats really all I can say..just wow.

    Many people are upset over the “marshal law” imposed upon Boston and some even went as far to say if all the folks in Watertown had guns and were “real men” they would have hunted the suspect down and killed him. And then the same group wants to waterboard him till he admits ties to some terrorist group (they are fixated on their tie to bin laden (and maybe acorn before they are done making shit up)..then there are the ones who claim the suspects work for Obama so that is why the feds want the suspect ..and they are upset over a saudi guy beck whipped them into a frenzy over days ago who they claim is involved but instead of being water boarded is being deported so Obama can protect him from being questioned..

    Hold on to your undies folks, the shit is preparing to get even deeper. And it is frightening to read what these people think when they claim to be stock piling weapons so they can claim they are self sufficient” (although to me that means not depending on anything including guns to take care of yourself). They claim a cover up (by Obama of course) and an inside job because alex jones got a hold of some photos of a security company called craft international right after the bombing with a high tech escalade suv. Only ” Obama denies hiring them to be at the event”(therefore= inside job) and to make the nuts really howl, they happen to have black backpacks(GASP!). The suspects back packs were the wrong color, they say, from the one found after..and now they are angry because this suspect(who is a flag guy the feds turned on after he did their bidding for muslims and needs to be water boarded till he admits to plotting with Obama) will now get a free ride (lawyer, Obamacare, housing) —holy shit what do they want? It makes ones head want to explode.(Oh and they claim the suspects and they families all draw welfare)…

    My favorite comment was the genius who said that terrorists around the world now knew in order to shut this country down all they needed to do was send 2 terrorists to every city – In my view they got a message that committing an act like that here is equal to sticking your hand into 20 bee hives armed with nukes, but thats just me~However it is impossible to get into the minds of people who are imaginary enemies conjured in the “wet your pants” section of a rightie brain.

    I am a hippie biker gal- a liberal!..I am blessed to have a most unlikely friend who is a Mass State Police officer who is a republican. We fight like morons over politics and cigars when we travel together and he is always wrong (lol) But I love him and his dedication to his work for which he gave up a personal life for a greater good. For decades I have been honored to call him a friend and he has my deepest respect because he lives his life like the example you have seen these past few days. Over the decades I have met many of his fellow officers including a few from Boston and had the pleasure to ride with them.While I am sure there are good and bad in any profession all of the men and women I have met meet or exceed the example you have seen in the past few days, everyday. And this from a lady who spent a lot of years on the other side of the law.

    My friend will be retiring within a few years (if I have to force him to) and moving to South Carolina , so there is little hope he will change his political views but I will always love him because of the fine example he has set for me over the years. Much love to the Men and Women of law enforcement!

  5. I think we will get all the answers we want from this guy just as soon as he gets his free Obama cell phone. We can dial him up and chat. Maybe he’ll even do a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) from Gitmo.

    And why does Lindsey Graham have so little faith in the judicial system? I personally have less and less faith in the legislative branch. Maybe a little vacation in Cuba would help them, too.

  6. Senator Limpseed Cornpone Grahamcrackers (R- Closet), is just trying to boost his appeal to the peckerwood vote in SC, which is rather rather substantial.

  7. How’d they get their guns? Don’t tell me it’s actually legal for alien green carders to walk into a gun shop and buy them over the counter? Is there something about arming foreign national wife beaters in the 2nd Amendment that I missed?

  8. I think Boston shut down because these people didn’t just bomb a building or kill some people. They attacked the Boston Marathon. They attacked the very idea of a free society. Remember, the lockdown was voluntary. People stayed in. They wanted Suspect #2 found that badly.

    This was full-on consent of the governed.

  9. What’s Grimm?

    Cop show with fairytale characters, not to be confused with “Once Upon A Time,” which is a soap opera with fairytale characters. “Grimm” is pretty good, and makes me want to visit Portland.

    I don’t get NBC, so I was miffed at missing 2 episodes of “Happy Endings.” Instead I got Diane Sawyer constantly yammering about poor Dave Hanneberry’s boat.

  10. In my view they got a message that committing an act like that here is equal to sticking your hand into 20 bee hives…. However it is impossible to get into the minds of people who are imaginary enemies conjured in the “wet your pants” section of a rightie brain.

    Could not have said it better if I had a million years.

  11. God, I am so sick of conspiracy theories and hysteria. Had to cut a couple of acquaintances off my “newfeed” at FB because they totally lost it.

  12. The persuit and capture of the younger of the bombers is a fine example of the 2nd amendment regarding “a well regulated militia”. The place was swarming with TRAINED law enforcement officers, NOT disorganized goobers with guns. Oh yeah, and they took the kid alive.In the former Soviet Union, and in modern day Redneckistan, they’d just spray the scene with bullets until they ran out. Like the infamous Polk County Florida Sheriff “Grady Judd” said after killing a “suspect”, the suspect had 120 bullet holes in him because Grady’s troops ran out of bullets.

  13. cund: Regarding presumption of innocence for Dzhokhar despite massive media coverage; well, yeah, that’s the trouble with notorious crimes in general. In practice the system goes through the motions of impartiality and yields the predictable result, with no apparent harm to itself. This case is clear enough; he and dead brother threw bombs out of their fleeing car; a legless victim IDed him; plenty of pix and video; and so on.

  14. cund: I think we’d have seen a similar reaction if the Tsarnaev brothers had used firearms instead of IEDs at the Boston Marathon. ‘Twas the target, not the weapon, that drew the civic ire. The Marathon’s sacred to Boston; nobody messes with it, but nobody.

  15. “Senator Limpseed cornpone Grahamcrackers (R) Closet”
    You pretty much nailed it there,’Gulag! The Rebel without a clue, cousin to FogHorn LegHorn.

  16. “Redneckistan, they’d just spray the scene with bullets until they ran out”

    It may have ended with the same result, the cops got off 500 rounds and the boy survived?

  17. “It may have ended with the same result, the cops got off 500 rounds and the boy survived?”

    And these are the best-trained of the lot. Imagine what Joe Sixpack would have achieved for his ammunition expenditure, as the righties want.

    When there is potential for people to shoot back, odds of hitting anything (except an innocent bystander) get increasingly slim. The stats for WWII, and any similar conflict, bear this out – people shooting guns rarely hit their target if anyone is likely to (not even IS) shoot(ing) back.

  18. All the above comments are spot on and I’ve enjoyed reading them. But I’m with maha, I was mad over missing Grimm just to hear the reporter ask some guy, “How did it feel to be locked up for 28 hours?” How the heck did he think it felt! And who cared! Mainly, I missed Grimm!

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