But Don’t Call Them Racists …

Obama Protesters Sing ‘Bye Bye Black Sheep,’ Rail Against ‘Half-White Muslim’ In Arizona. Seriously, these are the same people who take great umbrage if you accuse them of racism, aren’t they?

… a prevailing theme among many in the protest appeared to be issues of race. Some even suggested that Obama himself was to blame for racial tensions.

“We have gone back so many years,” Judy Burris told the Republic, arguing Obama had taken the nation back to pre-Civil Rights era levels of racism. “He’s divided all the races. I hate him for that.”

Stupidity alone can’t account for this. The amount of social-psychological pathology these people are buried under is just staggering.

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  1. Barbara. I hear you. But it MUST be pointed out that the article says “SOME” of the protesters got into the racism stuff. And your blockquote says “MANY.”

    It does reveal how very sad things are when a wonderful man — a wonderful Black man — who is our president is disallowed to fully function in his office because racism from a minority of the minority of those keenly interested in politics make a deviant hatred the prime factor in what steers opinion in enough people with enough money that progress to fix our economy and make people’s lives better is fully frustrated. Woe.

    • T. Armstrong — I don’t think there’s a real precise distinction between “some” and “many.” The blockquote is from the article, however, so if you have issues with confusion between some and many, I suggest you contact The Huffington Post about it.

  2. The Judy Burris quote shows the level of denial and lack of self-awareness and provincialism and …. well, you get the idea! Where were all their criticisms of Dumbya? Oh, yeah, he was, wasn’t he?

  3. “We have gone back so many years,” Why I’d forgotten that I was a racist until that colored fella got in the white house!

  4. “We have gone back so many years,” Why I’d all but forgotten I was a racist until that colored fella got in the white house!

  5. Judy Burris is yet another example of a Conservative in whose cranium cognitive smashed into dissonance, head-on – in a vacuum.

    “Obama’s a racist for making me racist!”
    Uhm… Yeah, ok.

    I wonder if Ms. Burris was one of those “moranic” Tea Party protesters at anti-PPACA rallies, in her little scooter, holding up a sign saying, “Keep yor gubmint hands of hour Medicair!!!”

  6. I wish I could explain this better and it may mean nothing. I have tried to make it short and I have skipped over a lot. It’s just a sketch of a phenomenon that seems relevant to the “more than stupidity” angle.

    Someone I have known since the early 1970’s began the process of transition to right wing nut job several years ago. He was always quite odd, but that was more tolerable and often, hardly noticeable in the ’70’s. My inner armchair psychologist is charting indications of Borderline Personality Disorder, but I am not qualified to make that determination.

    I can see a number of things that probably contributed to his transition and they all seem to fit together nicely, to me. That, of course, can be deceptive, especially since, I look at human nature more like a wannabe novelist than someone with mental health credentials.

    The point is, in his case there was a kind of “singularity”, in the patois I’ve acquired from watching too many BBC Horizon documentaries. Reality can no longer penetrate. Logic is useless and even indisputable facts can be dismissed and tossed aside with the assertion of a talking point and a ration of anger. For an example, he insists that Trayvon Martin was 6′ 6” or 6’7”. If you cite the coroner’s report, “He was a small town coroner and incompetent.” Additionally, Trayvon’s parents were lying about his height. Trayvon Martin has clearly morphed into someone else, and that metamorphosis is unshakable. There really is no point in pointing out that Trayvon weighed 158 pounds, because it would instantly be incorporated into the “web of lies” that the rest of us call “reality” and his weight would become 258 pounds or something more amenable to his view. I halfway, expect that after sufficient time, it will be discovered that Trayvon was born in Kenya, which will, of course, have grave implications.

My friend is clearly on the “horns of a dilemma” with apologies for the cliche. He has a clear choice. He can admit to having racist tendencies and to making some clearly indefensible assertions or he can resist with every gram of mental capacity. He has wandered off into the wilderness.

    If I project his situation on a larger screen, it has an eerie familiarity, even to his assertion that he is “familiar with all the particulars” of the case. This corresponds to the role of the various fonts of misinformation, from Glenn Beck to David Brooks who provide the imprimateur to validate the current flavor of nonsense offered up to the masses. So, after a review of all “the particulars” and some “judicious reasoning” tempered with empirical data, my friend has found the truth that eludes “progresso-tards” like me. My friend has become a true believer, who wholeheartedly and fervently believes in an alternate reality. In the realm of his mental state, he has NO CHOICE, but to believe in it. The carrots and sticks of his ego are in alignment. He is NOT a racist, he sees clearly, he has superior intellectual skills and he has accessed all the information and made a judicious, informed appraisal. The balance of of us have simply failed in this regard.

    He is entangled in this illusion.


The truth is obvious, Trayvon Martin was 6’7” tall and weighed 258 pounds.

  7. goatherd,
    So, Trayvon was a HS Basketball star, a Power Forward, or Football star, a Defensive or Offensive lineman – or, maybe both, or all three – waiting to see what major college programs were going to offer him a scholarship?

    Who knew?

  8. “A liar who needs to go back where he came from? Ruining the Constitution? ‘I am not a racist,’ she said. I guess in her narrow mind, nobody who is part Indian can be full racist and that you can’t practice racism against the President because he’s half white. Sadly, this ignorant young woman is only 17.”

    And this is why I am starting to not put too much stock in the idea that the younger generation won’t be like the crazy old tea-bagging bigots, and because of that change is just a few more deaths away. All the racism that came out on the Big Brother show is another case in point.

  9. CUNDgulag,

    It may be even worse in time, Trayvon Martin was an alien shapeshifter with the eerie power to conform to some peoples’ fears. So he is perceived in a number of forms.

    Are they still making “Star Trek”?

    Sadly, I truly believe that my friend will never recover and he has a lot of company.

  10. Trayvon Martin was an alien shapeshifter with the eerie power to conform to some peoples’ fears.

    Of course! That would explain Obama’s comment that he could have been Trayvon Martin himself! Sure he could have been–not 35 years ago but in February 2012! He obviously transformed himself into an 8 foot tall Zulu warrior and then went down to Florida looking for an unbalanced young man in a pickup truck to eat. How could I not have seen it before?

  11. This reminds me of interviews in the 1960’s. Mayor or Police Chief would say “If it was not for northern agetators com-in here and ster-in up our colored folk, we all use to just get along. None of dem wanna vote until you’all with your TeeVEE cameras came along!”

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