Former U.S. Attorney Defames Hobbits

This is just bizarre. For some unfathomable reason, James O’Keefe attempted to harass the U.S. Attorney whose office brought phone tampering charges against him awhile back. And the ex-attorney wasn’t having it, and he told O’Keefe off in robust terms. And O’Keefe released a video of this. As Betty Cracker says,

ormer Breitbart rent-boy James O’Keefe must think the word “veritas” means “punch myself in the face:” … I’m no expert at “gotcha” video production and editing, but it seems like a bad idea to lead with three-plus minutes of the target establishing utter and complete pwnage. What’s he going to do for an encore, pour kerosene on his crotch and light a match?

13 thoughts on “Former U.S. Attorney Defames Hobbits

  1. The bit where O’Keefe and two of his cohorts go to the house and pester the former prosecutor’s wife is particularly creepy, to me. What kind of person would A) do that; B) tape it; and C) think it makes him look cool?

  2. Is it me, or does O’Keefe look like Lee Harvey Oswald?

    And the kerosene and a match, or a sharp knife, or a dull veggie peeler, to his crotch, would be a good idea, so that even if he came into a women’s prison with a fistful of pardon’s and finally got the opportunity to get laid, he couldn’t procreate.

    This punk is the lowest form of barely human life.

  3. James O’Keefe, the product of Christian home schooling. Not only didn’t he learn about evolution or sex education, he didn’t learn basic social skills. The kind of guy who could spend an entire day by himself playing with a “whoops cushion” and think he just invented the greatest comedy routine in history.

  4. There’s nothing mysterious about it at all.

    1) Little trolls like O’Keefe never forget the tiniest slight. And so it’s perfectly natural that he would seek out some sort of “revenge”. GW Bush practiced the same sort of pettiness on a grand scale by going after Saddam Hussein and claiming his pistol, because daddy and the Bush name had to be upheld.

    2) In O’Keefe’s twisted self-righteousness and victimhood he really believes that this video demonstrates what horrible scum the US attorney is, because of the way the US attorney lost it, began calling O’Keefe names and literally threw a book at him.

    The remarkable thing, is that in the O’Keefe world, this constitutes “winning”, or “victory”, to capture your opponent losing his cool or somehow compromising himself on camera – which as we all know is his entire modus operandi. I have no doubt he really feels good about himself today, having captured this on video, edited it up, and released it to the world. That’s how screwed up this little turd is.

  5. In reading the comments to the TPM article, someone referenced a particular definition of the word “spud”, from the Urban Dictionary. I had no idea the US attorney was speaking so pointedly:

    A guy who is a complete jack ass but in his own warped mind believes otherwise. A spud is thoroughly inept but is manipulative enough to advance in the workplace. A spud is a weasely and unscrupulous individual who will propagate misinformation and slander about others to promote himself in an orginazation.

  6. Someday this little tin nazi is going to end up in prison, mark my words. His trajectory along that path is relentless.

  7. Joanr16, I sincerely hope so.

    Bothering the family of a former US Attorney is a good way to help ensure that outcome, so we can hope. The law enforcement community tends to stick together, and protecting their families is something they value highly.

    I wonder what O’Keefe’s videos from prison will be like. I’m guessing not as popular as ‘Orange is the New Black’.

  8. I would have left the “s” off of “spud.”
    I’ll leave you to google that one for yourselves.

    Oh, and this pathetic little @$$hole better hope his skinny little white @$$ doesn’t end up in a prison, because let me assure you, that will not end well for either him, or his skinny little white @$$.
    I ain’t advocatin’ it – and I wish they could eliminate sexual violence in prisons. I’m jess sayin’!!!

  9. “All of you, you’re hobbits. You are less than I can ever tell you. You are scum. Do you understand?”

    Sounds like it’s spoken by a drill sergeant .. The “do you understand?” is classical basic training jargon used to make you feel like or imply you are an idiot.

  10. What level of importance does one have to rise to before they have to be concerned about someone “leaking” their email?

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