Quote du Jour

At the least, when the main cheerleaders for the last war talk about what to do now, they should be relegated to a rubber room reserved for Bernie Madoff discussing financial ethics or Alex Rodriguez on cheating in baseball. [Timothy Egan]

It’s a good column; do read it.

4 thoughts on “Quote du Jour

  1. And while I should be happy that W has decided to take his STFU medicine – and keeps taking it – I sometimes wish he’d open-up and tell us what he’d so – just so we could do the opposite.

    Of course, that hubristic punk never had an original thought in his empty cranium, so we can always go by what his former advisors are telling us.
    And if Rummy the Dummy and Dastardly Dickie Death way they want to bomb, ‘put away them bombs,’ says I – because it’s obviously the wrong thing to do.

    W’s stench will still linger in a century. And more.

  2. I tried posting this comment around noon or so today. Would not take.

    I enjoyed Mr. Egan’s piece in the NYT. As long as no one is invading or threatening to invade our borders, we should keep our nose and missiles out of this. None Of Our Business.

    Spending money is only a minor part of it. According to Mr. Egan we lost 4,400 soldiers in Bush’s eight years there and we lost over 59,000 in Vietnam and over this past weekend I talked with a man who lost an uncle in Korea when he was captured by the North Koreans and eventually executed.

    These were human beings who each had a family that loved them. We do NOT need any military action in Syria.

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