Drunk and Derelict

Being crazy and stupid is bad enough, but Alan Grayson says some House Republicans seem drunk as well. And smell of booze. And he’s not the only one saying this; Politico reporter Ginger Gibson tweeted on Saturday —

See also Joan Walsh and Paul Krugman.

13 thoughts on “Drunk and Derelict

  1. They’re celebrating. They couldn’t be happier. It’s what they’ve wanted for a long time. It may be a long time before we get our gov’t back.

  2. That Joan Walsh link is an absolute bulls eye.. I only wish I could say what she said as well as she said it. Although everything she said I already knew. Mitch McConnell let the cat out of the bag when he said…His goal was to make Obama a one term niggerPresident.

  3. Quick question: During this little drunken display the right is playing with this country, since the government is shut down, Can Obama make appointments (like recess appointments) to vacant offices? positions?

  4. I’m assuming Dean Vernon Wormer read our ‘Animal Republican House’ of Representatives the riot act about being fat, drunk, and stupid, and instead of going on “Double-secret Probation,” they’re taking their revenge out on the country.

  5. Democrats have “all the leverage and we’ve got none,” Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia said.

    That’s alkie talk…Poor me, pour me another drink! Best advice I can give the GOP is: Don’t drink and go to meetings. One day at a time?

  6. I bet Alan Grayson is just thrilled as hell that he was re-elected to the Animal House.

    Seriously, it’s the sane ones that I’d expect to be drinking.

  7. How do you tell a drunk Republican Congressman from a sober one? One behaves erratically with no regard for the consequences of his actions and has trouble stringing coherent sentences together, the other smells of alcohol.

  8. Phoenix Woman,
    You’ve never been on a date with me, and I haven’t been on a date with you – but sometimes, booze DOES allow people to “nerve themselves up to do something.” 😉

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