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  1. I read that post by Steve yesterday.
    She’s wealthy, and she’s lying ‘nine ways from Sundby’ about her health care situation?
    WTF is wrong with people?!?!?!?!?!

    Yes, the program has issues.
    As I said yesterday, the issues are due to PPACA’s Conservative roots.

    And we should all be thankful that we didn’t have Cable TV “News,” and the internet – and that long distance phone calls cost a lot of money – back then, because otherwise we wouldn’t have Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid right now.

    The first cracker in SiblingSchtupp, AL, whose SS check was late, would start the MSM sh*tstorm rolling.
    His side of the story would have been featured on Drudge, then he’d be interviewed on FOX “News,” he would have written an Op-ed for the Washington Times, cackled about by the inbred MSM schmucks on Morning Schmoe’s show, and then yakked about on the Sunday gab-fests by the regulars, Newt and John McCain.
    All basically saying, “Social Security: A MASSIVE FAILURE!!!”
    And three days later, someone would find that the old man had moved from CousinDiddle to SiblingSchtupp and didn’t leave a forwarding address, and his check would be forwarded to him shortly.
    No corrections. No admissions of error.
    But the damage would have been done – the program would be put on hold, indefinitely, while Republicans gloated.

    And, only Democratic programs are subject to this kind of scrutiny.
    George W. Bush’s Medicare Part D rollout was a typical epic W screw-up!
    But instead of appearing on every TV and radio show, and blasting him and the program – while posturing and gloating – in every main stream medium, the Democrats went to work to improve it.
    Not our un-American Republicans.
    Those assholes are hoping PPACA fails badly, and doing what they can to make that happen.
    And you know they’re still praying to their version of Jesus every morning and night, for a massive terrorist attack on Obama’s watch.
    It’s how they roll.

  2. TP has a short summary on the business case made by United, which shows how not to be “takers” I suppose. I sure would not “take” anything from United. The WSJ of course is not to be trusted.

  3. I guess Obamacare isn’t working out too well for the jet setting crowd.

    I know a woman who had to rely on public charity organizations, a charity event sponsored by motorcycle group, and garage sales to get treatment for her cancer. One sad event in her effort to survive was that a county ordinance limits garage sales to one per household per year. One of her neighbors complained to the city that she was violating that ordinance and the city shut her down. Not that cancer or financial ruin should have precedence over community standards, but it did seem rather cold hearted that someone would object at such a small attempt to survive. Gee, WWJD?

  4. Oh, I’d like to amend my closing sentence in the comment above. Rather than asking WWJD?, I’d like to change that to: Typical conservative!

  5. Would her insurer have continued to offer her plan in California had ObamaCare never occurred? IMO, her insurer abandoned California, in part because of its small market share, but because the requirements placed on it by ObamaCare, given this small market share, weren’t worth it. Had ObamaCare never occurred, she’s probably still be with them.

    • Would her insurer have continued to offer her plan in California had ObamaCare never occurred? IMO, her insurer abandoned California, in part because of its small market share,

      That, and she lied about having a PPO policy. All she had was catastrophic coverage, and she’d been paying tens of thousands of dollars out of her own pocket to see the doctors she was seeing.

  6. OT…but this is such a treat to read that I think some of you will enjoy it like a good nightcap.. Poor old Rand is in the damage control mode, so much so, that he’s forgotten all about Benghazi. The Washington Times says they’re always eager to publish any politician’s original work.. 🙂
    I’m experiencing some of that emotional stuff that I think the Germans call shoddyfriod


  7. Maybe the Washington Times finally realized that the columns Randie kept handing in, where copies of their previous columnists efforts – though, why any lazy idiot would plagiarize that kind of lame bullsh…

    Oh, wait. Forget that last part. I figured it out. 🙂

  8. More on this, in A Closer Look at the WSJ’s newest ObamaCare Scare Story.

    From the article, while it’s not 100% certain, the evidence is that United Health was going to pull out of California anyway, with or without ObamaCare.

    But what hasn’t been said, and what the above article makes clear, and what the WSJ omits, is that since this woman was a stage-4 cancer patient, there would be no insurer in America who would take her, after United Health exited, pre-ObamaCare.

    In other words, ObamaCare’s provision that sick people cannot be denied, means this woman will now be able to get health insurance, even if it isn’t the doctors and such she enjoyed before.

  9. moonbat.. That last sentence in that article sums it all up rather nicely. I’m still wondering why Obamacare is such a train wreck even before the train had left the station.

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