18 thoughts on “There’s a World Out There

  1. You think so, Gulag? What if you get a swarm of wingnuts that you’ve got to knock down and you don’t have the twit filter at your disposal? I wouldn’t be surprised if Patrick in Michigan was waiting in the wings to retaliate for the brutal beatdown you liberals inflicted upon him.

  2. ” you don’t have the twit filter at your disposal”

    I would imagine Maha left the twit filter on, now all the offending posts will go into cyber space forever never to be found again! I’ve been twit posting over at my favorite troglodyte site, Glenn Beckkk”s the Blaze, they must of turned something off because all my negative stuff gets posted now! It’s great fun if you’re bored!!!!

  3. I’d test the twit filter by typing a string of naughty words and patented drug names, but… I want to live!

    P.S. Key to the liquor cabinet is in the middle drawer on the left.

  4. The twit is disabled as evidenced by the fact that I’m posting. I mean, I got past it so clearly it’s not working.

  5. moonbat,
    I have a love/hate thing with Maher – but mostly, love.

    Maher is like that little girl with the curl – when he’s good, he’s real, REAL good, but when he’s bad, he’s an asshole!

  6. If you can, check out Steve Kornacki’s show this morning.

    He has a young “Log Cabin Republican” on, and it’s fun to listen to this assclown talk gobble-dee-gook, trying to align his gayness, with Conservatism.
    Why anyone who is gay is a Republican, is beyond me!
    Watching this poor assclown is like watching chicken’s which can’t decide between ‘Regular,” and “Extra-crispy.”

  7. Does anyone want to start rumors about where Maha is and what she’s doing and (this is really fun) who she’s ‘reported’to be with. You never have to retract or apologize if you only repeat what you heard from an unnamed source. I learned that from Fox.

  8. Maybe SHE is at a toga party? Or perhaps she is an A list guest at some swanky weekend long party for the new mayor. Some sources say she was spotted in Virginia where the new governor is sipping Crystal from her shoe. Perhaps she is at a spa weekend with Michelle ..sigh…Oh to be Maha!


  9. Yeah, there’s a world out there.
    But it still sucks!

    Hopefully, maha will sober up soon, and help get us out of the cold and wet of the reality in the world we live in, with a new post about… about the… about the cold and wet reality in the world we live in.
    And also too – OY!

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