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  1. Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

    Hopefully, and then thankfully, my mom will be let out of the Hospital early enough to eat with the rest of the family.
    She went in on Monday morning for chest pains.
    She didn’t have a heart-attack, but a “cardiac incident.”
    They kept her for tests, and the test results are not good.
    Not good at all.
    I have to get ready to go to the Hospital soon to meet with surgeons. But the cardiologist at the Hospital didn’t think surgery is any sort of a real option – there’s been too much damage to her heart, over the years.
    Not stents, not bypass.
    She’s 81 1/2 years old, and what they can do, it try to keep her stable with medication.

    I’m hoping that they release her in the early afternoon, so that she can spend Thanksgiving with the family. After talking about cancelling a family meal, my sister decided to make a mid-afternoon mini-feast, because if Mom stays in the Hospital, the family members who are travelling from Staten Island and NJ will want to see her anyway – even if she’s still in the Hospital, so they might as well eat a nice holiday meal first, and then go visit.

    And then, I hope to take her home.
    Please keep her in your thoughts.

  2. I’m with the Europeans on this one. There are a few well known states, but…… They’re states, not countries. Give an American a map of French provinces and see how far they get. Heck, I could get one, Aquitaine, and know the names of a few others from crossword puzzles, but I would have no clue. And I think I would do better than most. Not knowing where Kansas is on a map, I doubt the majority of Americans could find it. Not knowing where Germany is, ok, you’re an idiot.

    • BB — Yeah, I was surprised the Brits did as well as they did. And I will forevermore think of Canada as “Big Scotland” (with polar bears).

  3. CUNDgulag, gosh, I am sorry to hear this. I am sure all of the readers wish you well and will keep you in their thoughts.

  4. Bucky, oddly, I can do pretty well with French provinces, but, I find that geography is one of those “use it or lose it” options. I hate to admit it, but, I still have a lot of the world as it was when I was in primary school, stuck in my head. I need a refresher course. That would make a good New Year’s resolution.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    • I still have a lot of the world as it was when I was in primary school, stuck in my head.

      Me, too. But maybe if those furriners would stop redrawing their maps, we’d be able to label them. I mean, what was the point of learning where Czechoslovakia was if it’s not there any more? 🙂

  5. Goatherd: yeah, I see the the former Yugoslavia and wonder, where the heck did all of these countries come from?
    Gulag: hope all is well with you and your mother. My mom will turn 90 in May and, Buddha willing, will have ninety more. She doesn’t wish that on herself, however. Her husband and most of her friends are dead at this point.

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