Kirsten Gillibrand: Discuss

See New York Times article about New York’s junior senator. I’ve been withholding judgment on Kirsten Gillibrand, because at the time she was first appointed to the Senate the word was she was more of a “centrist” than a liberal. But she represented a largely Republican district, I understand, so maybe she was just catering to her voters, and now that she’s in the Senate her inner liberal is coming out. We’ll see.

She is sometimes mentioned as a possibility for the presidential nomination in 2016. Seems unlikely, but who knows.

2 thoughts on “Kirsten Gillibrand: Discuss

  1. That is a very good article that depicts her well. I have known Kirsten since 2004 when we first tried to get her to run against Sweeney. It was too soon after her first son was born (5 months I think) but it was clear she would run in 2006. She impressed me immediately in the interview. She was prepared. She knew what was needed to run and win a campaign. She was interviewing us as much as we were interviewing her. I am a big fan of intelligence and competence and she exuded both. I began preparing for her 2006 campaign that day.

    I have not been involved with Kirsten since the end of the 2006 campaign. But this article depicts the woman I know. Smart, capable, passionate, dogged, focused heavily on advancing the causes of women across the country. She is also practical and knows how to get things done. She is not someone for tilting at windmills. If she takes on a cause she does so with the intent to win. She is a force to be reckoned with.



  2. It’s been fun watching her grow in office, since she first came into the Senate.
    At first, she depended on Chuck Schumer to help her learn what she needed to know. But lately, she’s peeled away from him, and is setting her own course. And I like the course she’s on.

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