7 thoughts on “Because Martyrdom Feels So Good

  1. Yes, but stewing in your own martyrdom for almost 150 years, isn’t good for you either – it leaves you looking like an old stewed albino prune.

    I wish there was a peaceful way we could split into two countries.
    But it’ll take greater minds than mine, to figure out how.
    Fortunately, there are many minds greater than mine, so maybe we’ve got a chance. 🙂

  2. How Right-Wing Radicals – From Nixon to Paul Ryan – Have Deceived America

    ..What makes for a radical conservative leader is not purity in terms of some litmus test — after all, Reagan himself pursued a sort of “blue-state strategy”: He raised taxes multiple times, made arms deals with terrorists, signed a mass amnesty law for the undocumented, etc. Rather, the test of post-New Deal conservative leadership is how much they radically shift the spectrum of debate or transform the basic configurations of political space. Indeed, superficially preserving continuity, even accepting certain liberal gains, can be an integral part of carrying out a much more fundamental transformation.

    Key to this progression has been the fact that, rather than building cumulatively on successes, more often than not conservative succession has been built on successive failures — each one sold as a “common sense” way of dealing with the chaos created by previous conservative incarnation….

    Reagan created massive federal deficits, and presided over rapid deindustrialization. Gingrich skillfully tapped into Ross Perot’s mobilization of the resentment this fueled, and tried to redirect it toward a massive restructuring of government and dismantling of the welfare state. His aggressive, confrontational, no-holds-barred politics soured the public so profoundly it was necessary to bring in something completely different — the “compassionate conservatism” of Texas Gov. George W. Bush, touting his bipartisan record as “a uniter, not a divider,” which, in turn, once tested in the White House, was eventually revealed as a hollow fraud, signaling the need to return to an even more extreme version of Gingrich’s politics of government dismantlement and implacable resistance…

  3. I’m sure this is just another in a long line of phony right wing outrage. MHP however seems like a just target. I’ve caught bits and pieces of her show and it seems unwatchable and almost always about race. She gets up on her soapbox and never relents, I suspect she is just as if not more phony than the rights response to her perceived racism. MSNBC would do well to look for a replacement for her time slot or just run some more prison shows!

  4. Of course, a lot of white conservatives are being victimized, just not by blacks, Latinos, or the ATF. But then the displacement of grievances is nothing new. That’s always been one major function of racism and bigotry–to blind people to how the economic elites are screwing them over by focusing their attention on scapegoats.

  5. uncledad,
    Imo – MHP has a terrific program, that consistently and thoughtfully discusses a variety of issues, from the right-wing, to the Christianista’s, to international affairs, to, yes, race.

    And there is a place on TV to talk about race.
    The fact is, that race is one of the foundations of FOX News. As are misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, and Christianity. And, of course, they’re FOR those things, not against them.

    If you don’t like her, don’t watch. But let the rest of us continue to enjoy her show.

    Btw – the comment that she made a tearful apology for, didn’t come from her, but one or two of her guests.
    She’s the host, so she is responsible for what’s said on her show. And she did the right thing.

    And her apology seemed a lot more sincere, than any I ever heard from Rush, Sean, Glenn, Sarah, Karl, Drudge, “The Three (Unfunny) Stooges) on FOX’s am stupid fest, and a whole host of other Reich-Wing media sources.
    You know why?
    They go on to the next distraction.

  6. “If you don’t like her, don’t watch. But let the rest of us continue to enjoy her show”

    No problem, I doubt the programmers at MSNBC are monitoring my posts here at the mahablog for programming tips!

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