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Sorry I’ve been scarce. One of the things I resolved to do this year is write a little e-book on somethings that have been rattling around in my head, and now that I’ve started I’m finding it hard to stop and do other things. I’ll make a point of posting something here tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Me Update

  1. I figured you’ve been preoccupied with something. You could write a very interesting book about your blog and regular commenters. ‘Could be the subject for a film if you embellish a wee bit.

  2. This is my favorite blog, so it goes without saying that I would miss the volume of thoughtful writing I find here.

    But, when the feeling and inspiration hit you, you have to go with it, or it won’t happen. So, stay with it, and best of luck.

    Please write it on an eighth grade reading level, so I can understand some of it.

  3. And I’m sure you know, maha, that all of us reeegulars weeeeesh you theeeeeeeee veeeeeeeeeeeeery beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest on compleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeting your eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-book

  4. “You could write a very interesting book about your blog and regular commenters”

    I’ll have my people contact your people!

  5. Go for it, Maha. Write something steamy.. Sex always sells! Just don’t write any revisionist history about Japanese internment during WWII.

  6. Is Arnold Stang still around? Actually according to Gulag’s self description of himself I picture Telly Savalis. The first time I took notice of Gulag’s comments and I tried to identify his humor the thought of Henny Youngman popped into my mind. I remembered a joke that Henny Youngman told on the Ed Sullivan show. It went like this: A young boy gets on a bus. The bus driver tells the boy that the fare is 10 cents and the boy says he’s not going to pay. The bus driver asks him why. The boy replies saying, ” My name is crime, and crime does not pay”. Does that sound like Gulag’s humor?

  7. Swami,
    I’m even more lame than that!

    Ah, I’m nowhere near the same neighborhood as the GREAT Dangerfield or the GREAT Marty Feldman!
    But thanks for the compliment!!! 🙂

    Come to think of it, though, I do kind of look like Telly Savalis!
    “Who LOVES ya, baby!!!”

    All I need is a Tootsie-pop!

  8. Gulag, aren’t you an actor? You could play yourself!

    Stay in the zone, maha! We’ll keep an eye on things in the meantime….


  9. joan,
    I’m too bizarre to play myself.
    Why do you think I liked faking being somebody else?

  10. Well I have a topic for you all to ponder meantime. Some right wing twatwaffle put up a facebook page calling for the lynching of Obama (complete with a photo of Our president with a noose around his neck)..and said that the day should be reserved as a federal holiday. Thousands of complaints to facebook later , facebook refused to close the page down. What happened next , you ask? Well let me tell ya! That’s where it gets interesting. People had enough I guess because hackers ( defined as “liberal trolls” ) took over the page and filled it with goats.. yep goats.That pissed off the wanna be lynchers who called the police! They claim the page being hacked cost them money and that they would be suing, telling the liberal goat flooders that the hackers didn’t understand the law and the would be lynchers did!, damn it! They couldn’t spell it but they said it anyhow) Facebooks response has been to side with the lynch crowd…( you can’t make this shit up folks!)

    I am a Harley riding Lady and I belong to a few Harley related groups on facebook. I have become friends with several people from said groups that belong to both parties. Sometimes the righties post anti Obama crap on my wall( although NOTHING that calls for his death) and I keep trying to tell them that if their party continues to spew crap like “liberals would call for impeachment if they found out a president prays because it does not honor separation of church and state” they can forget about winning elections. People are tired of the nonsense bullshit, sarah palin crap . They want real solutions to the problems the nation faces not stupid made up propaganda from the tea party / larry klanman about how our president is a Muslim.
    Best comment on the goat page: This will be the tea parties next bengoatzi.

    BTW I hope the secret service get’s ahold of the twatwaffle who called for the lynching of our first BLACK president and works him over good before throwing him in a hole so deep even chris cristie can’t find him

  11. I wouldn’t be adverse to having George Clooney starring as me seeing how Omar Sharif is passed away.

  12. If you want to do a comedy, it’s jerry stiller; drama, it’s matt Damon. Go for the comedy, jerry needs the work !

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