Republicans in Disarray


The National Republican Congressional Committee has set up a number of websites that look like they could be a Democratic candidate’s campaign page, unless you read the fine print. They may even violate a Federal Election Commission regulation, Campaign Legal Center expert Paul S. Ryan explained to ThinkProgress. . . .

. . . Ray Bellamy of Florida says he was tricked by the page and accidentally made a donation to the NRCC. “It looked legitimate and had a smiling face of Sink and all the trappings of a legitimate site,” Bellamy told the Tampa Bay Times. The look-alike page uses the same colors as Florida candidate Alex Sink’s campaign, with the URL Once entering information, the person is redirected to an NRCC thank-you page.

They can’t get enough campaign money on their own, so they have to steal it from Democrats? Of course, this might just be one of those “because we can” things.

But Ed Kilgore says the House Republicans appear to be in retreat, generally.

So you have to wonder about last week’s House Republican retreat, which produced more confusion and division than was contained in its baggage from Washington to Cambridge, Maryland. Its much-heralded and heavily telegraped “principles on immigration,” written in codes and near-hieroglyphs, has created the largest and loudest row among Republicans on the subject since Marco Rubio helped Democrats build a super-majority for comprehensive reform in the Senate. The steely focus of Republicans on Obamacare is now being blurred by wrangling over alternatives. And the House GOP conference’s strategic decision on how to deal with an imminent debt limit measure has bogged down into arguments over what empty gesture to offer before surrender.

Immediately after the retreat ended, House Republican Leader Eric Cantor went on Face the Nation, and pressed mildly by Major Garrett on these obvious subjects, collapsed into incoherence.

Brian Beutler explains why he does’t think Chris Christie’s political career will survive Bridgegate. Beutler tends to be more optimistic about things than I am, and I will be hugely surprised if Christie doesn’t serve the rest of his term as governor. I think he can kiss off the White House, though. He doesn’t have broad enough support in the Republican base to ride this out.

Speaking of the Republican base, CNN reports that a conservative group is calling for the GOP leadership in the House and Senate to step aside.

“Time and again, year after year, the Republican leadership in the House and Senate has come to grassroots conservatives, and Tea Party supporters pleading for our money, our volunteers, our time, our energy and our votes,” said ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell in a statement to CNN. “In return they have repeatedly promised not just to stop the liberal assault on our freedoms and our national treasury, but to advance our conservative agenda. It’s been years. There is not a single conservative accomplishment this so-called ‘leadership’ can point to.”

10 thoughts on “Republicans in Disarray

  1. On the rip-off ads, I’m sure it was great for some sh*t’s and giggles in Republican circles.
    However, what they may have failed to realize is that once people found out about this scam, not only would they want refunds, but they might actually even sue “The Stupid Party.”
    AND, that the credit card companies may limit the use of their cards by, or increase the fees to, the Republican Party to help defray the cost of their CSR’s having to deal with angry callers, and issuing refunds to their cards.

    As for Cantor’s incoherency, well, that’s what happens when Frank Luntz, your wordsmith, retires at an early age, and is no longer around to provide you with glossy cover-wording for cruel and sociopathic policy aims.

    As for the accomplishments of Conservatism and Republican politicians, may I point out to the sociopathic rubes in the psychopath’s base, how this country has de-evolved since Nixon and Reagan came to office.

    Take a look at this once great country.

    It didn’t start going down the sh*tter because of “browning” after the Civil Rights Acts got passed, it’s been going down the sh*tter because of all of the attempts to prop-up “whiteness.”
    And you Conservative white rubes keep voting against YOUR OWN best interests all of the time.
    “The Cold Civil War” we’re in, is because the people WITH the money, want you stupid old white people to be distracted by race, misogyny, xenophobia, and homophobia.
    Congratulations poor white Republicans, you’re the rubes in the longest-running grift and con in our countries history!
    It’s the same grift that kept poor white Southern males defending the rights of the rich plantation and slave owners, since this country was born.
    So, so many suckers.

  2. Seduced and abandoned? Well, we can always reference and modify the statement made to Anita Hill…..Are you a Tea party scorned ?

  3. It’s nice to see the Republicans in disarray, but of course as long as they can keep Washington paralyzed, Brent Bozell is getting what he wants. The only “conservative agenda” anymore is to dismantle the government, and these guys are doing pretty well considering that they only control one house of Congress.

    Still, I welcome whatever “real conservatives” Mr. Bozell wants replace the Republican leaders with. The more truly conservative they are, the better the Democrats’ chances.

  4. moonbat,
    And this demonstrates that the invisible hand of the free markets is proving that there’s a big middle-finger extended to the non-rich and powerful.

    It’s just that that middle-finger will remain invisible to the powers-that-be.
    Acknowledging that finger, would mean they understand their complicity in the murder of the richest middle class in the history of the world.
    So, they’ll keep their eyes closed – except while they continue to shift money upwards, and bullsh*tting everyone about it eventually “trickling-down.”

  5. Moonbat – Good article. The key to breaking the cycle of a shrinking economy which is the result of a shrinking middle class is – jobs. To get companies to create decent middle class jobs that you can support a family with will require stepping on corporate toes. (Unless you follow a GOP formula of bribing corporations to locate in the US. The problem with bribery or blackmail is the cost continually escalates.)

    The option to paying corporate extortion to create jobs is to create penalties for companies who want to sell in the US and don’t have a US jobs footprint proportionate to their revenue. And such legislation won’t be proposed or supported by either party while legislators are in the service of lobbyists who are nothing but hired guns for the corporations who have exported jobs while promoting trade agreements that protect corporations from penalties.

    If Congress can’t get paid by ANYONE except the people while they are running for office – while they are in office – and can’t collect payoffs after they leave office then Congress will start representing us. There will be liberal congresscritters and conservative congresscritters but all of them will survive in office based on what they deliver to us. And then we will see good (not perfect) government that promotes the common good rather than windfalls for the connected few.

  6. It was good to see that NY Times article, but it touched on something I’ve noticed for decades – the growing cultural emphasis on luxury goods and a luxury lifestyle. Pre-Reagan, there were a few magazines that were devoted to this mindset, but now it’s ubiquitous and unquestioned. And sickening, given how everyone else has gotten the shaft.

  7. moonbat,
    Yup, like “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” with it’s ‘champagne wishes, and caviar dreams.’

    I never watched a second of it, but the thought of something like that being on, instead of “Lives of the People Who Could Use Some Help (non-store brand soda wishes, and real meat for Hamburger Helper dreams),” made me sick to my stomach.

    I’ll say this for the Reagan Administration, at least they didn’t eliminate the ‘government cheese’ program.
    We ate that many a time when I was a kid. Made great grilled-cheese sandwiches, if I remember correctly!

  8. The Rude Pundit NAILS this ….I mean REALLY NAILS it… I would make his comments but he already said it all..

  9. “…ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell….”

    So that shyster just creates a new fake think tank on a whim? I hereby declare myself Chairman and President of the “F**k Brent Bozell Up The A** Sideways” Institute.

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