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Here’s some more information on this weekend’s coup d’etat — I must say, it’s sporting of them to give advance notice. Apparently the patriots intend to patriotically carry firearms within the District, which I kinda doubt District cops will overlook.

Here’s a round up of the story thus far. Also it may be that the joy riders who illegally rode ATVs in Recapture Canyon will face charges.

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    Poor, poor, DC!
    After last years massive traffic jam caused by ten’s of thousands of truckers parking their trucks on the roadways to protest that Kenyan SocialiFasciCommuniHeatheAtheiMuslim Usurper’s policies!

    No traffic jams – outside of the normal traffic jams.
    Oh, only a few dozen truckers showed up!
    Even FOX “News” couldn’t put lipstick on that “TruckApocalypse!”

  2. I think “The 10-30 Million ‘MORAN!’ March” will be as big a failure as that “TruckAcopalypse.”

    First off, if 10 million rednecks decided to drive up to DC for a particular day’s protest, they’d never even reach the city, because of the traffic jams that a few million pick-ups with Confederate flags and gun-racks would cause.

    My over-under?
    I think maybe a thousand or two Teabaggers with massive anger and social issues will actually show-up.
    Oh, and if they don’t want to spend a few days in jail, I suggest they leave their shootin’-arns home.

  3. Still not a word about this from the liberal lamestream media, who will stand by and ignore the millions of patriots who are at this moment streaming into DC. The beltway must be jammed with vehicles by now, but I predict that the media will just act as if it is not happening. Ten to thirty million Constitutional scholars ought to be hard to ignore, but you just watch the CBS news tonight and see for yourself that they do just that.

  4. Ha…there aren’t enough jumper cables in this country to get that many redneck vehicles going in time for the protest…

  5. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Oh, fer f*ck’s sake!

    Rush, the stupid rednecks fat leader won a children book award.

    That panel of morons needs to be de-“Mega-ditto’d!!!!”

  6. You have to look back on Waco and a few other debacles to see the feds have wised up to the tactics of the teabaggers. There won’t be an incident to rally the ‘troops’. No gunfight, no twisted narrative of federal abuse. Best of all, no dead bodies. If the article is right, the guys who pointed guns at BLM cops, will without warning get a tap on the shoulder, be disarmed, cuffed, read their rights, charged & put in lockup.

    They can break the law as a gang, but they are dangerous as hell in a group, so take ’em down one at a time where it can be done safely. After the first two are arrested, they will know it’s coming but it’s impossible to keep your guard up continually. They will either have to flee to avoid arrest or wait it out. If you want to be especially cruel, you can flock with their heads to make them think they are being watched.. about to be picked up.. and don’t actually grab them.

  7. In all the civil rights protests, the protesters were never armed and did nothing but march in protest. I believe that if you have to arm yourself for a legitimate protest, it probably isn’t a legitimate protest.

  8. 30 million patriot protester? Yeah,right! If 5 million show up it will be a lot. I doubt they’ll get over 2 million if they’re lucky.

    If I was in charge of this campaign I would have scheduled it for a Saturday. That would provide three obvious strategic advantages. First, more patriots would be available to attend the offensive. Second, less civilian casualties. Third, deplete the enemy’s resources by forcing them to pay overtime for a weekend offensive.

  9. I don’t have any special expertise in this sort of thing apart from working with with individuals with traumatic Brain Injury, who occasionally flew off the handle and needed to be talked down, before someone get hurt. The comparison is unfair to people with TBI. But, keeping your cool is definitely the single most important thing in any case. The militia members want to provoke a reaction and they believe that it will bring their brethren out of the shadows locked and loaded. Judging from their expectations surrounding “American Spring,” they seem to believe sincerely, that they represent a majority of “real Americans.” If this fizzles and they are ignored, they will have to deal with the bitter disappointment until they find a plausible excuse for the failure. The single most damaging response would be to ignore them and laugh them off the public stage.

    That being said, once the cheese has fallen off your cracker, it’s very likely to hit the floor. The normal set of stimuli that comprises the real world has become a mere deception to these people. Michele Obama could plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day and they would see it as part of a dark conspiracy. In some ways they are no longer living among us. It reminds me of a line from “Inferno.” “None that reach these depths ever return to the world of the living, if what I hear be true.”

    It seems most likely that they will gradually grow tired and return to their homes where their disappointment will fester and they will commit occasional acts of violence. They are very dangerous people and I don’t know that they can ever be defused.

  10. “If this fizzles and they are ignored, they will have to deal with the bitter disappointment until they find a plausible excuse for the failure.”

    Imo – the excuses:
    -The Libtard Lamestream Media.
    -Non-patriotic, low-information sheeple.

    Feel free folks to provide what you think their excuse(s) will be.

  11. If this fizzles ?
    I could be wrong, but when you bill an event that is projected to draw a crowd of 10 million patriots.. I think somebody set the bar too high and disappointment( fizzling) is all but guaranteed. It’s an absurd projection. I wonder if the that number was put out there intentionally to draw attention via ridicule. Seems to me that any love is good love, and any attention is still attention.

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