Where Are Their Heads?

This is a new game I’m proposing — Where Are Their Heads? This is an easy game, along the lines of the great game for the drunk or stoned, Find Your Feet. That one’s fun for babies, too.

First round — The Taxi and Limousine Commission has suspended the license of a New York cab driver because he was wearing a Nazi arm band on the job. The guy says he is a true blue National Socialist and has a right to wear the arm band, and I suppose he does, but that doesn’t mean the Taxi and Limousine Commission didn’t have authority to suspend his ass for offending the customers.

Here’s the thing — we’re not talking about a skinhead white supremacist. The suspended cabbie, Gabriel Diaz, is African American.

Where is his head?

Second round — Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Mississippi) is facing a primary challenge from a teabagger named Chris McDaniel. Sen. Cochran’s wife has long been debilitated by dementia and has been in a nursing home since 2000. McDaniel has accused Cochran of having an affair, possibly with a staffer.

(Cochran is 76 and his wife has been hospitalized for 14 years and is said to be in an advanced vegetative state, and frankly if he were in a discrete relationship with another lady it’s nobody’s damn business. Have some humanity, people. But whether he is or not hasn’t been proved.)

Some whackjob teabagger blogger named Clayton Thomas Kelly is a supporter of McDaniel, and to “help” his candidate he broke into the nursing home, made a video of Mrs. Cochran, and posted it on his blog. He has been arrested and the blog post deleted. But even if what he did weren’t illegal, how was that supposed to help McDaniel? I understand this was supposed to support the affair theory, but WTF?

Where is his head?

Bonus points — McDaniel and his campaign manager have been telling different stories about when McDaniel knew about the incident. This is the big league, guys; the first rule is to keep your stories straight. Where are their heads?

21 thoughts on “Where Are Their Heads?

  1. Welcome to today’s edition of “Simple Answer(s), To Simple Question(s)!”

    Where is the black Nazi wannabe’s head?
    Up his ass.

    Where is the McDaniel’s supporter’s head?
    Up his ass.

    Where are their heads?
    Up their asses!

    This ends today’s dul… EXCITING edition of SATSQ’s!
    Stay tuned for another exciting episode soon!!!

    • gulag — That’s why it’s an easy game. It’s always the same answer. This game may be even less challenging than Find Your Feet.

  2. Oh, and may I respectfully suggest naming future editions, “WTF Were They Thinking?!?!?!?!?!”

  3. maha,
    Yeah, I know! 😉

    I just couldn’t resist writing the word “ass!” It’s such a great word.

  4. Cundgulag beat me to the correct answer, but, I did find my feet! Well, one of them anyway.

    I can predict that after this settles down, someday, somewhere, the bagger will say that he just wants an “honest and open debate.” Then more high jinks ensue.

  5. Whether Cochran is involved with some women other than his wife isn’t anybody’s business.. But if he is one of those “family values” repugs who publically parade their morality then I can see calling him out on it. I don’t know anything about Cochran but if he’s one of those defending marriage warriors his inconsistencies should be pointed out. The jerk who used Cochran’s wife as a means to expose Cochran’s alleged hypocrisy deserves everything he gets..it was a cheap shot and he should pay for it. I see a little O’ Keefe mentality in all of this. No discretion..as long as you hold true to Veritas as you see it.

  6. The Taxi and Limousine Commission should be ashamed for destroying the flavor and essence of what is New York City. Tolerance and diversity have been the hallmarks of that city since it’s inception. Peter Minuit would roll over in his grave if he was to see the intolerance that that pervades that beautiful city today.
    Talk about the excesses of political correctness? Now the black white supremacists are being targeted for exercising their religious freedoms. When’s it going to end?

  7. Oh, I want to amend my comment above concerning the Cochran vs. McDaniels slugfest. I didn’t realize that McDaniels was a full fledged bagger. And having come to that knowledge my view of the entire incident has changed. There is no longer a moral component to be considered when trying to understand the conflict between the two men.
    Let them rip one another to shreds in the most savage ways imaginable. There is no honor among thieves, and there is certainly no morality or decency among Repugs and baggers. So I now see that introducing moral expectations into a judgment of a situation involving those two miscreants is pure folly.. I rescind my prior comment.

  8. If anyone can provide the name of the author do, but ..

    “There’s a difference between genius and stupidity..
    Genius knows some limitations.”

  9. BTW, I am up to Chapter 4. It’s a good read – I confess I do have to back up and reread a few paragraphs to get back on track sometimes. That’s not a criticism of the writing – you are delving into some very conceptual topics. I am personally challenged by what you are saying to evaluate my spiritual stagnation. I’m not married to dogma of any sort, tolerant of a huge spectrum of beliefs, critical of religious intolerance from any quarter, but not much has changed in my spiritual playbook in a decade and you are fairly frank that that’s unhealthy even if it is comfortable.

    Some paragraphs are priceless – I have to go back and highlight them, something Kindle lets you do, but being an old fart, I forgot. I thought your observations about ritual were spot-on. To paraphrase at the risk of being corrected with a virtual 2×4, ritual may be useless, and serve a vital function at the same time.

    I thought I had religion and spirituality figured out, and I’m getting a very new perspective. Much of it is external – stuff that’s happening out there in religion and in the promotion of religion/spirituality/books/gimmicks. That I expected, but the direction of the book is prompting me to evaluate where I am – and I’m discovering I didn’t have this stuff figured out nearly as well as I expected.

  10. I don’t have a kindle. I read mostly in the bathtub; and, no one could answer me about what would happen if I dropped a kindle in the bath. I will have to wait for the book. But, congratulations, Maha!

    • Thank you, Doug. I think you may find Chapter 4 to be the most “out there.”

      I’m really close to finishing the file for the print edition. I’ve done the formatting an am just giving it one more read-through. It will be available soon.

  11. Bonnie …You’d end up having to buy a new kindle. But you wouldn’t get fried if that’s what you’re thinking.

  12. Doug. .I was very impressed with the chapter on ceremony and rituals. I had a flash back to my own wedding ceremony. I was married in the Catholic church because my wife was Catholic, but I was raised without any religious instruction, direction or inclination. Before I could get married in the Catholic church I needed a dispensation.

    In order to obtain that dispensation I had to be interviewed by a priest and found to be acceptable to marry within the Catholic church. I had to agree to complete a pre- Canaan instruction and also agree that any children born of our union would be raised in the Catholic faith.
    In the interview (screening) process I was asked about my belief in God and why I wanted to marry within the church. Aside from the fact that my wife was Catholic I told the priest that although I didn’t belong to any denomination I did have a belief in God and that I believed that my vows of marriage could only be given before God as best I understood the concept of God. It was for me a solemn act before man and God even though God was a complete abstraction. The ceremony served to give me an opportunity to express my feelings of intention and desire before the world to be honorable and committed to my wife.
    So when Maha wrote about the value of ceremony and ritual I understood exactly what she was conveying. There is value in ceremony and ritual. It might be a little difficult to extract that value from watching the members of the Raccoon lodge in an initiation ceremony.. but it’s there.

  13. I’d never heard of proctological self-screening before. Live and learn!

    The African-American Nazi is a real puzzler, though.

  14. Thanks for the in Swami. You are the only person who provided me any information. Most everyone else ignored the question or looked at me in a very curious manner–must have been Republicans.

  15. Alan Grayson: The Pefect Democrat to fight back against the Republicans’ Benghazi Witch Hunt

    ..Trey Gowdy has cast himself as prosecutor, necessitating Democrats to provide a countervailing force focused solely on the truth. There is only one option for Democrats to appoint as the ONLY member to the committee: Florida Representative Alan Grayson.

    The pugnacious former litigator has demonstrated the exact skill set needed to cut through the Republican mythology, the work ethic necessary to fully immerse himself in the issue, and the temperament to weather the blistering attacks sure to come from the conservative media.

    In the aftermath of the Iraq War, Grayson’s courtroom prowess resulted in millions of dollars in judgments against war profiteers. This skill was on display in September when the congressman used his five minutes as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee to dismantle conservative Benghazi mythology while questioning Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy.

    Too often members of Congress waste their limited time in the committee room on questions that are nothing more than self-congratulatory statements. Grayson has never demonstrated the compunction for these sorts of legislative prerogatives.

    Even worse are when hearings degenerate into meandering soliloquies that never provide any relevant information. Grayson has a clear track record, demonstrated during his tenure Finance Committee, of asking questions designed to craft specific narratives and elicit from witnesses—both friendly and hostile—clear answers.

    It’s this talent Democrats need on the select committee on Benghazi—one for which Grayson’s gift is well-proven. Join me urging Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to appoint Representative Alan Grayson as the sole Democratic member of the Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi.

    Click the link and sign the petition, if you agree.

  16. Off topic – The police chief of Copeland NH has resigned after he doubled down on a comment where he referred to President Obama with the N word. Interesting point – Mitt Romney weighed in – he has a house in the area – and suggested the police chief should apologize AND resign. You can be cynical if you like, but I think Mitt sees that there has to be a minimal level of civility and respect in politics. I won’t ever meet the ROmney, and probably won’t ever like him, but Mitt finally took the right side of an argument and he deserves credit for that.

  17. I think Mitt sees that there has to be a minimal level of civility and respect in politics.

    I was impressed that he spoke up. Good on him, as they say.

  18. http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/conservative-filmmaker-pleads-guilty-campaign-case-n110066

    This one goes out to Dinesh… “Riding high in April…shot down in May”. May 20th to be exact. But don’t feel bad for him. He’ll be out before you know it. He says he can do 10 months standing on his head. And aside from that, it will give him a much needed respite from the demands of conservatism. Sorta like an extended retreat at Club Fed to reflect in solitude on the one misstep of his many steps that have been ordered of God.
    When he fills out his dream sheet for placement at Club Fed he should put in for Maxwell AFB, Alabama. The grounds there are gorgeous and he’ll come away from his stint there with an enduring sense of pride in his contribution in maintaining those lovely grounds.
    Like they say.. The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth…. One is closer to God’s heart in a garden than any place else on earth.


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