Stuff to Read

I’m in my usual end-of-the-month crunch mode, so here are some links to tide you over:

First, by Charles Pierce, “The Passion of Big Chicken: The Pensioning.” The latest sleaze on Chris Christie.

Then, see Digby, “Scott Walker is falling apart: The little corruption problem he just can’t shake.” Juicy.

I’d like to write commentary on Roger Cohen’s “Captalism Eatng Its Children” but there’s no time, so I’ll link to it and maybe get back to it later.

4 thoughts on “Stuff to Read

  1. I did both those things and it’s a damned good thing I did. My shirt did get wet, though, from the tears of laughter rolling down my face. This guy is definitely a man after my own heart!

  2. Doug,
    You SOB!
    I woke my mother, and it’s just 6am!

    I wish I could write like that!

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