A Bowe Bergdahl Reader

Lots of news articles are out today about the Bergdahl exchange, which boil down to —

Bergdahl did try to escape at least once, and was kept in a cage after he was re-captured. My impression is that his physical health is not too bad, considering, but it appears the captivity messed with his head. It’s still not clearly understood why he left his unit, but it’s possible he just wandered off to wander off.

The guys who were exchanged were not exactly hardened Taliban troops. They are old men, kept at Gitmo for many years. The photographs of them we’ve been seeing are several years old. Even before they were prisoners only one was all that hard core.

And finally, the hypocrisy of wingnuts knows no bounds, and Diane Feinstein is really annoying.

Articles about Bergdahl and his captivity:

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Articles about the Gitmo prisoners who were exchanged:

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Articles about why Republicans are shameless and Diane Feinstein needs to retire:

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  1. You know what they say: if we shot every really annoying person there wouldn’t be anyone left on the internets to argue with.

    • Diane Feinstein can be on the internets all she likes. It’s what she does as an alleged Democratic senator that makes me wish she’d retire.

  2. What maha said!

    CA’s getting more liberal, and she’s heading in the opposite direction – and has been heading there for years and years.

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