The Whole World Is Watching

… Portugal v. U.S. in the World Cup. In case anyone does visit, here are some links —

Why We’re Screwed, Reason #874: We import our own fish.

Two-Parent Households Can Be Lethal. I’m bookmarking this one to share with members of the He Man Women-Hater’s Club who whine that men can’t catch a break from judges in custody hearings.

Rand Paul: Blame Dick Cheney for Iraq violence, not Obama. Make of that what you will.

The Corporate Daddy

6 thoughts on “The Whole World Is Watching

  1. I am not a soccer fan; and have been so bored by all the blogs that spend bandwidth with open threads on each an every game. Therefore, I am very thankful, Maha, for the diversions you have provided.

  2. Message left on voice mail Christmas morning 12/25/12

    “Hey,uhm,Michele,man, it’s Adam.

    Hey,uhm,I just want to come and get him at 10:30 to let him open up some gifts from his grandparents, and me, and stuff.

    And he can always come back later, or even tomorrow, stay the night tonight and come over tomorrow,ya know. That’s all I want.

    And I really don’t want to get the cops involved,but if I have to, I will.

    So I’ll be there at 10:30, OK. Give me a call back and let me know what you decide”.

    At 10:30 Christmas morning two Pinellas County police cruisers showed up to serve as intimidation for Adam’s demands.

  3. Sadly, ‘The Whole World is Laughing….’

    Guns, we have plenty of!
    Not so much…………………………………….

  4. Soccer often brings to mind the time in my life that I felt the most uncoordinated. My family had just moved back to the USVI after living in rural New Jersey for thirteen years. It was 1966. In New Jersey, we had played a game we called “soccer.” But, when the first day of soccer practice came and I started playing with kids from various islands in the West Indies, it was pretty obvious that the two games had nothing else in common. I still remember my lanky friend from Trinidad and my husky friend from Montserrat making us all look like complete fools. It was a good lesson in the value of cultural diversity.

    Needless to say, I didn’t make the team.

  5. We don’t import our own fish. The Chinese have farmed Atlantic scallops. That’s an old tradition. The Italians and French figured out how to raise their own silkworms ages ago, and it was the British who introduced Brazilian rubber to Indonesia. You get production transfers all the time.

    The reason we export so much fish is that fish have gotten expensive. I live on the west coast, and most people can’t afford to buy local salmon. They are just too expensive, maybe $15-$20 a pound. The general choice is either to go fishing or only eat salmon now and then. Needless to say, once you’ve tasted wild salmon, you become reluctant to move back to the farmed stuff. (We have a friend who fishes, and he gives us his salmon bellies. You can’t even buy these. I assume they are shipped to Japan and sold for a fortune.)

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