Ferguson Updates

Right-wing police brutality apologists, plus the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, have been trying to get Michael Brown’s juvenile police record released. The “apologists” were certain Brown had a substantial criminal record as a juvenile, and one conservative “journalist” had widely published a “confirmed report” that the record included an arrest related to second degree murder for which Brown was still facing charges when he was killed.

No record has been released — we don’t know for a fact there is one, actually — but yesterday an official of the St. Louis County Circuit Court released a statement saying that Brown had no convictions of either a Class-A or Class-B felony as a juvenile, nor was he facing any such charges at the time of his death. So no second degree murder charge.

Naturally that cesspool of moral depravity known as “Jim Hoft” turned this statement into an implication that Brown had a record of misdemeanors. One would expect nothing more from Hoft. Of course, in a place where one can be gunned down for jaywalking, misdemeanors might include unauthorized bird watching or the public consumption of toast.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department announced it has begun a broad civil rights investigation into the Ferguson police department.

5 thoughts on “Ferguson Updates

  1. What the hell difference does it make?
    Haters gotta hate.
    And rage-junkies need ever more rage to get the same high.

  2. Truly, what difference does it make? These apologists obsess over Brown’s past because they can’t argue the events of the shooting.

    btw, my eye went straight to this (what does that say about me):
    pubic consumption of toast

    Sounds really messy, and probably uncomfortable.

  3. It’s good that the Justice Department is investigating this high profile case of police misconduct. Now if we could get them to follow a law passed 20 years ago and <a href= collect the data on police brutality in the US and publish an annual report…

  4. Sounds really messy, and probably uncomfortable.

    That reminds me of the old joke where the young boy was about to have his first sexual encounter. He was afraid because his mother had told him that girls had teeth down there and they would use them to bite off his wee wee if he ever tried to put his wee wee where it didn’t belong.. The girl that he was getting involved with assured him that what his mother told him wasn’t true and that girls don’t have teeth down there. She said for him to take a look at her private part to confirm. Upon looking for himself he responded by saying…It’s no wonder why you have no teeth with gums like those..

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