Celtic Uprising Postponed

Scotland voted to remain in the UK, which disappointed me a bit because I keep hoping the Great Celtic Uprising will happen while I’m at least around to watch it on the TeeVee and cheer it on. I do hope that at least the vote was enough of a nail-biter to have given David Cameron something to think about.

11 thoughts on “Celtic Uprising Postponed

  1. I’m not sure what the Cameron effect is on this entirely, but my understanding of the situation is that the Scottish Independence is essentially the same sort of ridiculously spoiled children that make up the various deep red enclaves of purple/blue states who think their town of 5,000 people should be able to break off and form a new state.

    • Brien Jackson — You’ve got it backward. It’s more like what would happen if Washington were controlled by the Tea Party and the blue states tried to separate to save themselves. Scotland is much more pro-labor and progressive than England, and Tory governments keep forcing austerity measures on them they don’t want. And David Cameron is an asshole. I heard at least one English voter express relief yesterday because without the Scottish vote, the Tories would be even more powerful and would run what was left of the UK into the ground even faster than they’re doing it already.

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