On Holder

We learned today that Eric Holder is resigning, and already his replacement is controversial. Ted Cruz is warning the President that he must not try to sneak a candidate through the Senate until next year, when the new and possibly Republican-dominated Senate is sworn in, because apparently lame duck Senators are not real Senators

And of course, Republicans will automatically reject anyone the President nominates, leaving Holder on the job for two more years, because they love him so much. One of the most stirring tributes to Holder came from the Cato Institute, in fact, but Cato quickly yanked it off their website because someone there possibly realized that comparing Eric Holder to George Wallace was getting a little too stirring.

Charles Pierce:

Numerous reports, now confirmed, have it that Attorney General Eric Holder is going to resign. (The New Yorker reported a while back that Holder was planning to leave this year, but there was no firm date set.) Quite naturally, because they can’t help themselves, the FastandFurious/IRS/NewBlackPanthers/Benghazi! peanut gallery is aflame. Jim Hoft is beside himself, which means, I guess, there are now two Dumbest People On The Internet.

One of the dimmer  bulbs on Fox News actually said

“He was droning terrorists without a trial while he was giving them trials in downtown Manhattan. He ran the DOJ much like the Black Panthers would. That is a fact.”

The Black Panthers have drones? I did not know that. Or does Holder remind Ms. Dim of Black Panthers in some other way? Hmmm…

8 thoughts on “On Holder

  1. They loved to hate Holder – now he’s leaving and they aren’t sure who they will have to kick around. This sets the stage for an interesting confirmation fight that may set the stage for new rules on confirmations. It’s entirely possible that Democrats will hold the Senate in November, which means the GOP may try to filibuster confirmations, and the majority may change the rules to impose a simple majority on confirmations.

  2. Ms. Dim of Black Panthers doesn’t look old enough to even know how the Black Panthers operated. And, we know she probably never read any history books on them. Wonder if she can even spell Black Panther without “obama” somewhere in it. I hope what Doug says comes true.

  3. Bonnie, fox bunnies are handed a script. There is no need for history or critical thinking, just dirty laundry.

  4. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – going to FOX for news is like going to a shipyard to catch your flight.
    They have honed ‘TEH STOOOOOOOOPID!” to a fine art – kind of like “Piss News.”

  5. The strain of not being able to scream N!%%@R!!!!!! every time Obama or Holder do something is really starting to wear on them.

  6. “Does Van Jones have a law degree, he would be terrific!”

    I can imagine the uproar on the right, not to mention the run on fainting couches if Obama nominated Jones.

    The right isn’t going to allow Obama to put anybody to the left of a KKK Grand Wizard in as AG. Which means Holder stays. And once again, they shoot themselves in the foot.

    If I were Obama, I’d nominate Jones just for kicks, and he and Jones should play it for laughs. What does he have to lose?

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