Bernie Says It

Sen. Sanders on CNN:

Asked about military action against ISIS, Sen. Sanders said,


It’s a problem for the international community, and you asked me a moment ago why aren’t other countries more deeply involved? I will tell you why. Because they believe that the American taxpayers are going to do it, and American soldiers are ultimately going to do it. And as long as that signal is out there, that’s what’s going to happen. I want the Saudi Arabian government to be actively involved. I want their troops to be on the ground. I don’t want them to believe that we’re going to do it for them. So yes, I think we have to play a very strong and supportive role with the UK, with France, with Canada, with other countries. It can not and should not be the United States alone.


It is very easy to criticize the president, but this is an enormously complicated issue. We are here today because of the disastrous blunder of the Bush/Cheney era that got us into the war in Iraq in the first place. Which then developed the can of worms that we are trying to deal with right now.

Do watch the videol

3 thoughts on “Bernie Says It

  1. Boy, is Bernie right !!!
    Or, CORREC!!!!!
    W stared this [email protected]$$ war and the ensuing occupation, and now, Obama’s left with what’s left over!!!

    Where are Bill Kristol, Krauthammer, Thnieson, and the rest of the @$$clown punTIWIT”s. to say they were wrong?

  2. Bernie makes good sense, not only advocating a coalition to spread the cost, but a coalition which includes Muslim soldiers from Muslim countries to discredit the notion that this is East vs West or Judeo-Christian vs Islam. The barbarism is a violation of the precepts of the Koran – this has to be an integral component of undermining the support, including the funding, for ISIS if we want to defeat radical Islam.

  3. Bernie is correct to a point. I didn’t watch the entire clip because I’m really sick of the baloney surrounding the entire situation. The neocon plan to overthrow the regimes in Iraq, Libya, Syria, egypt, and Iran is neatly complete. The only reason Assad is still in power is Putin threw up a road block. Iran is still safe because they actually have a formidable fighting force, and are backed by the Shanghai cooperation organization ( Russia again)
    I don’t think there is a regime in the region that can trust the USA. When they do what is demanded, they get their asses kicked. Saudi Arabia is the hotbed of religious extremists and corrupt playboy sheiks. Good luck telling them what to do; they’ll pull their money out of the “free markets” and crash the fuck out of it. For all I know, they may be funding Isis.
    This “Frankenstein” called the Islamic state is growing for reasons I don’t know; either converting via the sword or converting via reason for revenge and puhingbthe west out of Arab lands once and for all. Sykes / picot screwed the pooch by drawing lines that breached tribal boundaries, Bush 41 lit the fire, and junior threw gasoline on it.
    Now people are critical of Turkey ? They have a pretty big problem with Kurdish “freedom fighters”, once again, Sykes / picot.
    I don’t know what the solution to this mess is, but this “boots on the ground” bullshit ain’t gonna get it, neither is wasting million dollar cruise missiles on small groups of “insurgents”. I have reached the point where I regard all our news outlets as Orwellian “ministers of truth”. It is truly FUBAR.
    Obama fucked up with the removal of “kadaffy” and the attempted removal of Assad. Bush screwed up by removing Saddam . Nobody trusts us, can’t say I blame them.

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