5 thoughts on “Why We’re Doomed, Part the Infinity

  1. How can anyone blame the public, when the MSM keeps tell them, “Both sides do it.”

    The eventual death of representative democracy will be laid at the feet of our “Fourth Estate,” which acts more like a “Fifth Column” for corporations and the rich and powerful.

  2. Why we’re doomed, part 2 (from Digby)

    …If you look more closely at what [House Majority Leader] McCarthy is saying, he is putting Washington on notice that the Congress may pass a few bills the president can sign on to. But what he’s really signaling is an intention to pass legislation in both houses that the president will veto.

    McCarthy chooses his words carefully and this is what he is quoted as saying:

    “I do know this,” McCarthy said. “If we don’t capture the House stronger, and the Senate, and prove we could govern, there won’t be a Republican president in 2016.”

    Note that he doesn’t say “prove we can govern,” he says “prove we could govern,” which implies that they will prove they can pass legislation but they need a Republican in the White House to get the job done.

    McCarthy isn’t calling for a new direction for the Republican Party or yet another “rebranding.” He’s laying out the GOP strategy for gaining the White House in 2016.

  3. After the elections, it might be fun if the president occasionally interrupts a press briefing unannounced to refute a conspicuous FOX lie. And calls the network out directly for .. not misinformation.. but a deliberate outright lie. The message of a lame-duck president for two years might start to cause some people to doubt FOX – and question for themselves what objective reality is.

  4. One of the things that bother me is seeing the Democrat candidates who are distancing themselves from Obama in order to increase their chances to get elected. Sorta like the Peter denying Christ thing..” I don’t know the guy”. To me, seeing a quality like that in a candidate is discouraging. It shows me that the Democrats are fragmented and they lack party cohesion. I get a sense that it’s an every man for himself mentality that’s being projected, and people sense that as a weakness. I think a lot of people also subconsciously override the importance of issues and choose a candidate solely their perception of them being a winner. They want to be partakers in a victory no matter what the cost.

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