Election Returns

Pennsylvania will have a Democratic governor next year. Tom Corbett is out. The winner’s name is Tom Wolf. The GOP has picked up one Senate seat, in West Virginia. Mitch McConnell and a bunch of other incumbents have been re-elected. It’s probably going to be awhile before we know much

(Update) I see that the Republican, Tom Cotton, has won the Arkansas Senate race over the incumbent Mark Pryor. So that’s two pickups for Republicans.

I’m watching MSNBC and for the past half hour we’ve been told over and over that Mitch McConnell won. Move on already. Also I turn the sound off for the speeches. They’re too annoying.

Actually it’s better with the sound off all the time.

(update) Al Franken wins another term. Scott Brown lost in New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen wins another term.

(update) Wendy Davis lost in Texas. She was running for governor.

(update) The Louisiana Senate race is going to go to a runoff. It won’t be settled until December. I’m not waiting up.

(update) The Republicans picked up another Senate seat, in Montana.  That’s four.

(update) Mark Udall lost to the Republican challenger Cory Gardner, so that’s five. Republicans need just one more win to take over the Senate.

(Update) Damn. Scott Walker won.

(Update)  I’m seeing on the Web that Rick Scott was re-elected in Florida, but I don’t think I’ve seen this on MSNBC.

(Update) Looks like Pat Roberts is going to return to the Senate, too. Damn.

(Update) Ernst wins in Iowa.

Well, I’m depressed enough now, so I’m calling it quits for tonight.

6 thoughts on “Election Returns

  1. Tom Wolf should prove to be a refreshing change. Down-to-earth, brilliant, Peace Corps volunteer, CEO of his family’s kitchen cabinets business, he talks a lot about how important it is to have a viable middle class. Quite a contrast with the odious Corbett.

  2. Note the CNN map of NC with all the red and just a couple of blue districts. The redistricting by the republicans to crowd Dems into just 4 districts has resulted in a minority of votes controllng most of the seats in Congress. The Republicans went in of course claiming they’d put in fair redistricting and instead claimed there was not enough time, so just did what the Dems had been doing, only worse.

  3. My advice is to record the coverage and watch at some distance behind. That way you can skip the speeches altogether and never catch up.

  4. Looks like the beatings will continue until morale improves.
    Big republican sweep, now let’s see them dance. I’m guessing Elaine from Seinfeld. The voters have sent a message, s & m is back in fashion, in Florida, any way.
    At least the Florida Governor race was close, we’re waist deep in dumb, better than eyeball deep ( I guess).

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