Great Moments in Journalism

Over the weekend Breitbart scooped the world with the earth-shattering news that Loretta Lynch, who has been nominated to replace Eric Holder as AG, had defended the Clintons in the Whitewater investigation. Cue right-wing feeding frenzy.

However, however, the Whitewater Loretta Lynch was a different Loretta Lynch.

True to form, Breitbart issued a non-correction correction, since taken down but captured for posterity at TPM.

7 thoughts on “Great Moments in Journalism

  1. If you made this stuff up and wrote it in a novel, no one would believe anyone could be THAT incompetent!

  2. We can always hope they bring up that scandalous drinking/fornicating episode in Portland, Oregon. There’s taped evidence in the form of a confession brilliantly drawn out by Jack White.

  3. I think they got their information from Veritas Productions/Investigative services..

    Have Pimp,Will travel…wire O’Keefe ..San Francisco

  4. OT – NPR says that this election marks the lowest mid-term turnout (by percent) since WWII. Elsewhere I read that this election was on track to be the most expensive mid-term ever. Voter dissatisfaction is at record highs. Personally, I have NEVER seen so many emails begging for donations as I did the last two months – all following the exact same cookie-cutter formula for squeezing out a few dollars more.

    Politics has become an elaborate hustle – that’s what it looks like. Politics – elections – government is not seen by voters as a vehicle that can solve problems, at least not the problems that dominate the lives of regular people. So regular people are turning their backs on the process. This is very scarey stuff to me.

    Loosing the Senate was bad news but we may be looking at a catastrophe in an obscure statistic. If voter turnout is a valid indication of faith in the process, then a large portion of the voting age population have become politically agnostic or perhaps politically atheist. We need a miracle to restore confidence that democracy can work.

  5. Doug,
    For government to work for citizens, it needs to govern.
    Which means some cooperation.
    A government can’t govern when all one of the two parties cares about isn’t about the country and how to benefit the citizens, but cares about how to regain power so that it can rule.

    I am scared, too.
    Ever lower voter turnouts means that the Republicans have an easier path to power.
    And if there’s a Republican President with a Republican Congress anytime soon, it’ll make the W & Cheney years seem like the good old days.

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