Happy T Day

My son is cooking, so I am being lazy. Have a lovely day, however you are spending it.


5 thoughts on “Happy T Day

  1. You, too. And watch that cat! Mine got my banana bread with peanut butter on it yesterday, so I am sure your dinner is under surveillance! And thanks for that gratitude post. It was perfect. Why not me?

    • Sadie Awful Bad Cat got canned Little Friskies for breakfast and will get Canned Little Friskies for dinner, with dry Little Friskies for snacks. The only people food she likes is cheese, and I let her have a little sliver now and then, but other than that she finds the stuff I eat baffling, although she always wants to check it out.

  2. Saw a great film last night about the Penn State / Sandusky scandal, Happy Valley. Besides presenting the facts of the scandal, it’s more focused on the cult surrounding Paterno + football, and what happens when someone’s religion (Paterno + football) is challenged. I love what a reviewer at the New Yorker said: “A devastating portrait of a community – and by extension a nation – put under a spell, even reduced to grateful infantilism, by the game of football.”

  3. Writing on the Day-After: Happy T Day to you, as well, Maha. I’m grateful that your thoughtful and thought-provoking posts are available for all to read on the ‘net. I’m also grateful for Gulag, without whom this comment section would be less enlightening and less fun. And for all the other commenters who contribute to my understanding of the issue under discussion as well as to my frequent grins at the high level of snark. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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