Do Your Christmas Shopping Here!

I just realized Amazon is having a 30 percent off any book sale that ends midnight tonight, so you have just a few hours to buy up copies of Rethinking Religion to give as Christmas presents at 30 percent off!

Also, if you buy other stuff at Amazon, if you go through the link in the right-hand column they give me a few cents for whatever you buy.

6 thoughts on “Do Your Christmas Shopping Here!

  1. maha,
    I’m cleared to finally receive SS Disability in the middle of January.


    And one of the first things I’m going to do with that check, is buy your book.
    Until then, I’m too poor.

  2. Swami,
    I’ve got my Obamaphone already!

    Now, I officially leave the ranks of the former hard-workers who are unemployed, and now join the moochers, takers, beggars, and stiff’s who are collecting SS Disability from the hard-earned tax dollars from our over-taxed hardest-working “Job Creators.”

  3. Well, gulag..I took an early SS retirement benefit 2 years ago when the economy tanked. I lost 25% of my benefit by taking it early, because unfortunately I was a victim of the GOP’s scorched earth policy. Never the less, suckling from the teat of the US Treasury in whatever portion is a delightful experience. The milk never dries up and it’s a prefect tonic for relieving anxiety. Drink freely, my friend.

    Financially speaking.. They put me back in the womb.

  4. Swami,
    The irony is that, unless I worked at a relatively high salary until I was 67, the amount I will get in SS Disability is slightly more than what I’d have gotten had I been able to wait until then – and a hell of a lot more than if I waited another 5 1/2 years, and retired at 62

    Either way, it’s not exactly a boondoggle – but I’ll take it.

    I’ll take it until our conservatives and Republicans scheme and figure out a way to take SS and SS Disability away from people who worked their whole lives for some basic level of security.

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