Fox News = No Go Zone

Europe is laughing at Fox News, in particular over hysterical claims that Europe is riddled with Muslim “no-go zones” where only Muslims may enter.

…the French equivalent of the David Letterman show, “Le Petit Journal,” managed to convey some much-needed comic relief to a national prime-time TV audience in France where much of the country grieved.

The Petit Journal’s broadcast of the Parisian neighborhoods could not have more patently depicted the absurdity of Fox’s portrayal of Paris, where, in reality, people of different ages, religions and ethnic origins freely go about their business, running errands, pushing strollers, etc.

Le Petit Journal correspondents were shown visiting the “no-go zones,” prompting guffaws from both the live studio audience and the incredulous passersby who were asked if their safe streets were comparable to those in Iraq or Afghanistan, if they ever saw someone wear bin Laden T-shirts, or other absurd questions. The U.S. equivalent would be asking people on the streets in Manhattan if Shariah law was the law of the streets there.

In another broadcast, Le Petit Journal cast members dressed up like U.S. journalists ventured into the “Most Dangerous City in the Universe.” They confronted such dangerous situations as a man with a “terrorist beard” driving a taxi or the site of a couscous restaurant. The sounds of a jackhammer are taken for gunfire as the fake TV reporter rolls on the ground in terror.

The Mayor of Paris threatened to sue Fox News for defaming her city, and British Prime Minister David Cameron famously said he “choked on his porridge” upon hearing the claim that Birmingham UK is “totally Muslim.”

Fox News has uncharacteristically issued apologies for the “no go zone” claims, but that has not deterred Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who made similar “no go zone” claims while in London this week. And unlike Fox News, Jindal is not backing down, but told CNN he was only “speaking the truth.”

Clearly, Jindal wants to be a contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, a competition that’s something of a cross between a circus clown car act and “Survivor.” Speaking of which, if you missed Mike Huckabee on the Daily Show, you missed Jon Stewart being a little less kind than usual.

14 thoughts on “Fox News = No Go Zone

  1. I’ve been reading about this flap (and thoroughly enjoying the French videos lambasting Faux News), and think Fox may have met its match in France’s libel laws. There’s a reason why Fox has been apologizing profusely, so uncharacteristic for them. According to comments, in France, a defendant only has to prove they’ve been slandered to win; in the USA it’s just the opposite – a slanderer only needs to prove they did not slander to win.

    And just think what it will mean to Fox’ credibility if the French courts rule against them – the illusion they’ve created to snow their viewers will be punctured, and more people will be laughing at them, destroying their fiction of credibility – and so the stakes are high for them. I hope the Mayor of Paris gets this, goes forward, and doesn’t buckle.

  2. Moonbat, I suspect you’re overestimating Fox’s viewers. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that it’s just a propaganda mill by now is probably beyond help.

    it’s a great setup for conspiracy theorists, though. Why don’t we have any first-hand reports from visitors to these no-go zones? Why is there no footage? Because they’re no-go zones, of course. No infidel has ever made it out of them alive.

  3. I would like to see damages, in the form of monies, bailout France, courtesy of Murdock Entertainment masquerading as news.

  4. Cecil Rhodes must be spinning in his grave over Booby Jindal. “THIS moron went to Oxford on my scholarship?”

  5. FOX “news” is a no-go zone for people with more than 2 brain-cells rattling around in their heads!

    I actually feel sorry for their viewers.
    So much fear.
    So much bigotry.
    So much hatred.
    So very, very gullible and susceptible to manipulation and propaganda.

    FOX “news” viewers are like Pavlov’s dimwits:
    They tune in, rage and fear on cue, and salivate at the short-skirted buxom women.

  6. Fox has been my “no go zone” for quite some time.
    John Stewart gave old “grits and gravy” a big dollop of in your face, ass hat ! I can’t believe huckleberry is considering another run, but stupid runs deep in those “fly over bubba” counties, or at least the huckster would preach to that notion.
    If your car was broke down, dad gum it, who’d you rather have stop and help ye, a fancy college boy or Homer and Jethro. There ain’t no dad blamed in between, just duck dynasty or Martha Stewart. Jesus, what a duche.

    • It doesn’t seem to occur to the bubbas that if hell does freeze over and they become president, they would be president of the entire USA, including the parts they don’t like. I remember Dubya made some crack ridiculing Massachusetts while he was president, and it was not just offensive, it was weird. What normal head of state ridicules his own country? But of course Dubya didn’t give a bleep about America; it was all about his base.

  7. erinyes …LMAO! The huckster is just hawking his book. The polls have given him a 4% popularity rating so he’s not even going to get off the ground. He’s just vying for name recognition to increase his future earnings and to keep his oafish sons stocked in Krispy Kremes.

  8. Swami,
    You mean a Krispy Kreme got past Chris Christie?
    That rubber band on top the of his gut must have slowed that ol’ fat bully up!

  9. I got a kick out of “Le Petit Journal.” There was a shortened version o at C&L, which I suspect, most of you have seen. But, the full length clip and “The Most Dangerous City in the Universe,” are both available from the “LPJ” site.

    I love the reaction of the Parisians questioned by reporters, usually something like, “But, this is a completely ridiculous question!.” Unfortunately, my efforts to learn French have been about as would be expected from someone so far beyond the age of language acquisition and somewhat hard of hearing. So, I missed a lot.

    I have seen French women truly angry, only three times in my life. But, it is an experience that I would not want to repeat. Anne Hidalgo, kept her cool and dignity, but, the Fox News crew evidently doesn’t know what they are dealing with. ‘Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.”

  10. My wife is French with some American Indian. I learned many years ago to not push her buttons.
    I’m Irish / Italian I should have the more explosive temper. Nope.

  11. Swami, could it be huckleberry is just throwing himself against the wall for attention before he returns to fox or am radio ?

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