But Can He See Russia From His House?

It’s CPAC time, boys and girls!

And the fun has begun! Scott Walker actually said this:

“I want a commander-in-chief who will do everything in their power to ensure that the threat from radical Islamic terrorists do not wash up on American soil. We will have someone who leads and ultimately will send a message not only that we will protect American soil but do not take this upon freedom-loving people anywhere else in the world,” he responded. “We need a leader with that kind of confidence. If I can take on a 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.”

Because a crowd of unarmed and peacefully if loudly protesting teachers and farmers is just like ISIS. That was so stupid even the National Review called him on it.

[Apparently Walker has made noises in the past tying unions to Communism (see Steve M). This actually echoes some very old history involving Wisconsin. Way back when Wisconsin’s infamous Senator Joe McCarthy first won a seat in the Senate, but before his infamous “I have in my hand” speech that gained him national attention for his witch hunt seeking Communists in the State Department, his signature issue was unions. He was the anti-union senator, ceaselessly arguing that labor unions were Communist fronts. (This is documented in a book by historian David Oshinsky titled Senator Joe McCarthy and the American Labor Movement [University of Missouri Press, 197-something].) As with his later fruitless witch hunts none of the people he targeted were ever found guilty of anything, but wingnuts insist up and down that McCarthy  was “right” about Communism and that the Venona papers  prove it. However, none of the people McCarthy targeted are mentioned in the Venona papers. So he remains zero-for-whatever in uncovering actual Communists.]

[Also, too, today a New York Times editorial complains that “Republicans’ support for anti-union legislation is at odds with their professed commitments to helping the middle class.” Ya think?]

By all accounts Walker wowed the crowd at CPAC, who gave him a standing ovation. But Walker never struck me as someone who could get traction in a national campaign, unless perhaps he put himself in the hands of a Lee Atwater/Karl Rove sort of handler who could craft the impression that Walker has a personality. Rove himself seems to have passed his sell-by date, however, and I don’t see anyone else on the Right ready to step into the void. As we saw in 2012, it’s not that hard to become the Darling of the Right for 15 minutes or so with a masterful tossing of anti-Obama red meat, but that act doesn’t play so well outside of the Rightie Bubble.

Jeb Bush is supposed to speak at CPAC today, and there’s a move afoot among the more rabid teabaggers to walk out of the speech. Pass the popcorn.

12 thoughts on “But Can He See Russia From His House?

  1. Brave, brave Gov. Scottie Wanker!

    He took on WI’s public unions, and is now trying to turn WI into a Right to Get Poorer…’, sorry, “Right to Work” (for less) state.

    And if he can take on WI’s unions, ISIS needs to tremble before the Brave and Mighty Gov. Scottie Wanker!!!

    He’ll disband ISIS by first, by taking away their right to negotiate.
    Then, no raises for 3-5 years.
    No paid breaks, vacations, or maternity leave.
    The fighters will have to pay for their own health benefits.
    They’ll have to arrange for their own pension plans, because he’ll use ISIS’ pension funds to pay for the debts he’ll rack-up in America!
    And the whole time, Wanker’s thugs will be staring-down the ISIS fighters, daring them to make a threatening move!
    He’ll turn ISIS into a “Right to Fight” group.
    And so, ISIS will start to fold, and agree to fight for less.
    Scottie, though, will keep the beheadings. He’ll put them on PPV, to fund America’s mounting deficit after Scottie has increased the deficit, because he lowered taxes on the rich, raised them on the poor.
    And, he’ll have borrowed money from China to pay for those thugs.

    After that, I’m sure that even Vlad Putin will tone down his act significantly. If not even step-down, and retire to his Dacha.

    And the American people will sing Scottie’s praises, by chanting, “PRESIDENT SCOTTIE! WHAT A GREAT WANKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  2. He’s a Pawlenty: won’t fire up the south; won’t fire up the 1%-ers. Even Romney, as dull-witted as he was, fired up one of these two core groups.

  3. As governor, Walker managed to infuriate law enforcement, teachers, firefighters and unionized workers. Take that national and the outcome would be… hilarious. Just not for Walker.

  4. Christe is claiming that if the American people get a choice for a candidate rather than the choice given to them by way of a “back room deal” that he’ll come out as a winner. I assume that his comment is a poke a Jeb. I think his thinking reflects a condition that the American Psychiatric Society classifies as a delusion.

  5. “radical Islamic terrorists”

    I really wish the President would start referring to IS, Al-Qaida et. al. as Conservative Islamic Terrorists! That is what they are, they hate progress, liberalism, science, etc. even more than the typical dimwittedteabagger. The only thing the wing-nuts do well is tie everything bad to the left, the word radical has often been associated with the opposite of conservative!

  6. Scott Walker has always told people “don’t underestimate me”. IMO, he doesn’t need anybody like Karl Rove to tell him what to say. He’s politician and ratfucker all in one, a two-fer.
    This guy scares the hell out of me. His anti-union schtick will definitely play a whole lot better in 2016 than it did in Joe McCarthy’s time (incidently, McCarthy’s bio says he actually graduated from Marquette University, the school where Walker attended but mysteriously never graduated from).

    Walker’s anti-unionism, like Romney’s 47% remark, channels and brings to the surface the hatred the rustics have for anybody who might be getting a better deal than them. Connecting the thousands of protestors on the left with ISIS is not stupidity but breath-taking in channeling the hate Walker and these people have for their ordinary fellow citizen, who just happens to have a different view. It’s no different, in my view, than the things Hitler was saying about the Jews.

    And Gulag, I like your phrase “right to get poor”.

  7. I really wish the President would start referring to IS, Al-Qaida et. al. as Conservative Islamic Terrorists!

    Better still, just “conservative terrorists”. I’d love to see their heads explode.
    Dinesh D’ouchebag is on record saying he has more in common culturally with Islamists, with their oppressive social rule, suppression of science and exaltation of superstition, than with “librul” American culture.

  8. Better still, just “conservative terrorists”.

    Yes much better though associating Islam with conservatism will surely expose the hypocrisy more clearly. It’s amazing that the wing-nuts control the mainstream media narrative even though the media is filled with liberal communists, curious?

  9. Yeah, the Madison teacher protests. The only time I’ve seen 50,000 people walk in a strait line. And no cutting in line or you’d stay in from recess. To say Walker stood up and took on the unions is a joke. He was no place to be seen during the protests and no place now that RTW is being protested. His recent gaffes are mainly because of a completely sheltered life. He pulls a George Bush and never faces anything other than a hand-picked crowd. This is the first time he’s faced someone who will even ask a follow up. You can imagine how he would handle Putin. I’m sure after getting up off his knees he’d strike a tough pose. He’s not ready for prime time. I thought he had a shot at getting the nomination but seeing how bad he is I don’t think that’ll happen. He’s just not smart enough to fool people all of the time.

  10. Buckyblue… I thought the same thing about Walker. When he mentioned his confidence in facing down 100,000 protesters. The reality is he did a disappearance act when the heat was on—probably quaking in his boots for fear that he overstepped his power—and then tries to play it off as an act of courage and confidence.
    Only luck saved his ass from being recalled. He’s not going anywhere in the big picture. Especially when he holds Regan and McCarthy up as role models and politicians to emulate.

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