Rushing to Judgment

The Dumbest Man on the Internet reports that Andreas Lubitz — the man accused of flying a Germanwing plane into a mountain, killing himself and 149 other people — was a recent Muslim convert. He got this from a “German news website,” he says. The sit is a right-wing blog with the name “news” in its title, but hey, whatever works. Pam Geller and the rest of the Usual Shriekers are repeating this revelation uncritically.

Meantime, it’s slowly coming to light that Lubitz suffered a yet-unspecified illness. Reports that he suffered “depression” or “mental illness” appear to be unsupported. Something was wrong with him, however, and he had been advised by a doctor to take the day off.

The fact is, we don’t really know that Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane.  A French prosecutor concluded that’s what Lubitz did, based on the cockpit voice recorder. Leonid Bershidsky of Bloomberg News says that the same evidence is consistent with Lubitz’s being unconscious, however. Maybe his unspecified illness made him pass out, and the pilot was unable to re-enter the cockpit because of “safety” devises that required a response from Lubitz. See also Don’t be so quick to believe that Andreas Lubitz committed suicide by Jeff Wise.

Elsewhere — yes, I saw that Harry Reid is retiring. I am of mixed feelings about that. Your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Rushing to Judgment

  1. “The fact is, we don’t really know that Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane”

    Well we do know that the plane was programmed for an organized descent to 100ft. the descent was programmed to be just above what would trigger the planes flight management systems that would stabilize the plane. The Germans are claiming they know the pilot was not in the cockpit so it seems clear…. But as far as Gellar and the rest of the Zionist Nazi crowd everything bad that happens is the fault of Islam don’t you know?

  2. Hoft also suggested that the crash of the Air Asia jet in the Java Sea was an act of terrorism base on flimsy, and ultimately erroneous evidence.

    On NPR, E. J. Dionne said Reid’s pugilistic style served him well in this time of hyper-polarization. Wingnuts so despise him that I can’t help but like him a little. I certainly prefer him to Schumer.

  3. “Harry Reid is retiring”

    Good riddance, it’s really too bad he didn’t leave before he lost the senate? I think he has been one of the worst communicators ever to lead the senate, he couldn’t inspire a toad. He’s the definition of a spineless deal-maker more concerned about his position than what is best for the country. When you look at how extreme the right-wing of the senate has become you can thank Harry Reid. Also I’ve never understood how a majority leader loses the majority and is allowed to stay on as minority leader, what ever happened to “politics aint beanbag”?

  4. uncledad-

    Your comments about the pilot are, um, interesting. Can you elaborate about the flight management “systems”?

    BTW, did you know that if you kill power to the flight management system that the altitude preselect (how one selects a different altitude), on reboot, comes up indicating 100?

  5. There were times I didn’t really like Senator Harry Reid – I didn’t think this ex-boxer fought hard enough.

    But, now that he’s winding down his career, I’m starting to appreciate him more and more.
    When “push came to shove” – he often responded with a “left” hook!

    He leaves a very good, if not great, legacy – history, not me or you, will judge that.

    Thanks, Harry!
    Great job on the Courts!!!
    Sorry about all of the times I questioned or doubted you!

  6. As for that horrible crash, this is why when something horrific happens, I turn to one of our idiotic cable “news” channels – usually, MSNBC, rarely CNN, and NEVER FOX – just to see what happened (and, in a grotesque way, see the body-count – much as George Carlin once described: ‘And earthquake! Where? What? Only 1,000 dead? Pshaw – that’s NOTHING!).

    Then, I switch back to something else on the TV or go back to blogging or reading a book.
    No one they bring on knows jack-shit at that point. These people are paid to opine and speculate – nice work if you can get it!

    Then, I pick-up the story in a few days, once some more details come out, so that I have something besides some knee-jerk reaction.

    Of course, with folks like Geller and Hoft, their knee’s jerk all of the time.
    And these jerk’s knee’s jerk about 5 times a day in the direction of Mecca!!!

    Because, after any initial report, the cable “news” channels bring on “experts” and punTWIT’S to yak and opine – even though they know about as much as I know.

  7. Also, three:
    Jim Hoft can’t be “The Dumbest Man in America,” as long as he’s still making money off of his followers

    He ain’t that dumb!

    He’s just another grifter, taking money from the rubes.
    THEY’RE, the Dumbest MFer’s in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Having grown up Mormon and a Democrat, I know how much that combination costs. So have to admit I’ve always kind of admired Reid more than most of my friends. I wouldn’t have always made the same choices, but I do believe that he was an absolutely honorable leader. And judging from how much the right wing-nuts hate his guts, I think he dun gud.

  9. I know little about Reid, but I know enough about McConnell to know that Reid had his work cut out for him to deal with that Kochsucker. From what I have read about Schumer, I am not optimistic. I wish I felt enthusiastic about Hil, too.

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