Smoke But No Gun Yet

Before everybody gets excited about the latest Clinton scandal, do read Joe Conason’s analysis. There’s a lot of unsupported innuendo and connecting dots filled in between things that aren’t necessarily connected. It appears to be another Whitewater — a lot of storm and fury about nothing.

6 thoughts on “Smoke But No Gun Yet

  1. Oy gevalt!!!

    Not again!!!
    What, more of this nonsense?
    “Whitewater” was the biggest investigation of a money-losing deal, in history!

    And as for Benghazi, the Reich-Winger’s St. Ronald Reagan lost more people in the bombing in Lebanon, than Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama did, combined!

    And, let’s not even bring George W. Bush into the conversation.
    The less said bout that imbecile and his evil side-kick, Dick Cheney, the better…
    WHAT AN EMBARASSMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Clinton era is when I started to feel we’d hit a “post-truth” stage to our society. It didn’t matter how breathlessly you reported the scandal, nor how empty and false it turned out to be, you were still credible and it didn’t matter that you’d blown it in precisely the way you’d have been expected to blow it, given the nature of the story.

    Tell the truth? Lie? Who cares! As long as you’re popular and the statement fits the desires of a large bloc, you’re okay. It’s no wonder Rove could so easily speak of “creating our own reality”.

    Makes me want to curl up and hibernate until after the next election.

  3. Dan Rather resigned or was fired – for pushing a story which was based on phony evidence, which showed that W Bush got a special deal in the National Guard because of family connections. The story was probably true but the evidence wasn’t. And Rather took a fall for it.

    SO someone show me that kind of journalistic integrity with the ‘scandals’ pushed by Fox & friends that turned out to be groundless. And remember, the suspicions about Bush and his service remain. Rather wasn’t crucified because the story was wrong – he failed to get his facts corroborated by independent testimony and the evidence he had was a forgery.

    I think journalists should be held to a high standard… all journalists.

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