2 thoughts on “Bill de Blasio’s Crusade

  1. Doug,

    It’s too bad you couldn’t have named your act of defiance something like jade helm 12 or 13 maybe 14. Even better you should have hired a brown ( I would have recommended Swami till I found out he was cuban) to pilot he craft. You could have garnered the attention of people who make a difference in this country, tabloid media, cable news, gerrymandered congressmen, 2nd year senators, maybe even a sitting pretend governor. Think if you had been waving a huge flag with the image of the prophet Mohammed, why you’d have got an exclusive with Wolf Blitzer? The problem was your stunt didn’t scare the shit out of anyone but Lindsey Graham. You need to find out how to tap into the prepper market. You could have marketed survivor food kits, about to be banned ammunition, AR-15 equipped camouflaged gyro-copter kits to shoot down those ISIS drones. Once your ready to be a patriot, give me a ring, I’ll be your manager.


  2. This will be a refreshing change of pace, after over 20 years of the GOP’s ‘Contract ON America!”

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