NSA Must Stay Off Your Phone

An appeals court today found the NSA phone surveillance program unconstitutional. Reactions across the political spectrum:

From liberals: Good. We’ve been against this ever since the Bushies started it.

From libertarians/Breitbrats: Good. We are winning against the evil Obama/liberal surveillance state.

From Republican hawks: Oh noes! Al Qaeda ISIS will kill us in our beds!

Usual bullshit, in other words.

FYI From Thursday evening until Sunday we’re going to be in lockdown meditate-till-you-drop mode here at the Zen Center, so I’m supposed to stay off the Internet and meditate and think not-thinking like a good zennie. I’ll pop in to clear the message queue when I can, but don’t blab.

8 thoughts on “NSA Must Stay Off Your Phone

  1. Shutting me up is next to impossible!

    Enjoy your peace and quiet!

    I don’t suppose you’d give me the key to your comment section, so I can keep an eye on it?

    No, I suppose not.
    It’d be like leaving Tommy with his wicked Uncle Ernie, or a pyromaniac with cords of wood, gasoline, and your match collection…

  2. C U N D gulag – SHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Can’t you see they are meditating??!!! They’re all martial arts masters and can kill you with a hard look. Even more dangerous than ISIS.

  3. And I bet, Doug, that they can use their begging-bowls and fling them, decapitating you in a second.

    BAN ZEN!!
    And that creeping Zenria Law!!!

    Do we have to have a Zenghazi, before we finally act!?!?!?!

  4. I KNEW IT! The party animal Mahayana, going all weekend! What wild and crazy doings are going on, right now, in the Victory Zen Center that was sneakily constructed in New York?

    (“Victory” being a joke on “victory mosques”, where there’s some supposedly legitimate question about whether or not to convert an old Burlington Coat Factory into a community center.)

  5. Bobo’s life, is to provide cover for the conservatives, while annoying liberals as much as humanly possible.

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