All About Bernie

I do love Bernie Sanders, and I am looking forward to his debates with HRC. I’m looking to him to keep the campaign about substance. Here’s an interview , and see also Bernie Sanders is a totally legitimate presidential candidate. And it’s time the press started treating him like one.  News media shouldn’t be deciding who our candidates are. And see also Six Things You Need to Know About Bernie Sanders.


5 thoughts on “All About Bernie

  1. “I do love Bernie Sanders”

    He might be the only honest politician (if that’s possible) in a long time. Unfortunately he has been marginalized by media and inside elites for years. If you “Google Bernie Sanders is”, a loon comes up second, and the corporate opinion shapers agree. Most of his domestic ideas are nice though his foreign policy can be neo-con lite, Israel Ãœber Alles, but hey who aint these days? Lucky for Bernie we liberals don’t have twenty bobble head wanna-bees running for president so he’ll have his days on the debate stage. In the end though he’ll be singing a familiar tune.

  2. Thanks for the links. Nothing against HRC. Just want to see the best possible person elected in 2016.

  3. How were Bachmann, Cain, Trump, and Newt legitimate candidates in 2012, and Carson, Cruz, Rubio, and Paul considered serious candidates, but our MSM treats Bernie like some old Socialist joke?

    Oh, that’t right:

    NEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeever mind…

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