So Much for a Free Exchange of Ideas

Republican presidential candidates claim that disagreeing with them is “dividing Americans.”

Accusing her of “dividing Americans” and political pandering, several of Hillary Clinton’s potential Republican rivals fired back Friday after the Democratic frontrunner accused them of trying to make it more difficult for Americans — particularly minorities and young people — to vote.

Yeah, reality is so divisive.

14 thoughts on “So Much for a Free Exchange of Ideas



    Good for Hillary!
    The GOP is not the “Pro Life Party,” they’re the “Pro Coat-hanger Party” and “Pro Death Penalty Party!!!”

    They’re the party of trying to stop “Voter Fraud,” when, in the last decade, the few people actually accused of it, were almost all conservatives – Ann Coulter, for one!

    And, never mind their claims to solve any minor problems – they’re the party of “Privatize or Kill, SS, Medicare, and Medicaid!”
    (Uhm… Like help lift the cap, you conservative douche-canoe’s?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I’m glad she’s taking it to them – and in simple sound-bite language!

    Let the conservatives try to talk their way out of the sociopathic and psychotic corners these rats have cornered themselves into.

    The ratfuckers practice man on rats/rats on man sex daily – but you never hear Icky Sticky Ricky Santorum talk about that, do you?

    I’m not her biggest fan, but, GO HILLARY!
    And Bernie, and O’Malley, who are probably helping her move more to the left than the usual “Triangulating” Clinton philosophy would call for.

  2. It reminds me of abusive ex-spouse – “If you agreed with me, I wouldn’t have to hit you!”

    • Yay American Pharoah! I’m sorry I didn’t get to watch the races this year. Evening meditation starts about the same time of the races.

  3. Bonnie: That’s great. I have been hoping for a triple crown winner for a long time. Now he can retire and go to stud, have a long pampered life.

  4. Yeah, the way she described it I thought she might be talking about Newt Gingrich.

  5. OT – There may be fireworks in DC next week. A chap named Joe Lane is going to complete the delivery of my letters. He’s 70 and he will walk them to the office buildings and hand deliver. It was reported in Roll Call, which is the online source for news on Capitol Hill and right after he got contacted by Senate and House cops who wanted to prohibit him. The Senate has relented but the House Sergeant at Arms has not. Joe’s gonna challenge them on this with a lawyer and news media in attendance. Gawd, this is fun!

  6. Ocala is pretty close to “The Villages” , retired stud capitol of the USA.

  7. “The way you describe it, I wish I was a racehorse”. Actually, I had thought of adding “Guys, eat your heart out” but thought that might be too crass . That is an amazing horse. He won the Derby by a length, the Preakness by 7 lengths and the Stakes by 5 lengths. They just couldn’t catch him. He deserves all the praise, pampering and love that he will get.
    As I’ve said before, I love animals, all of them and the horse is one of the most beautiful critters created. Also, they represent the spirit of freedom. When I see a horse running across a plain, unsaddled, untethered and flying with the wind, it definitely raises my spirits.

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