The Ultimate Anti-Obamacare GOP Tweet

It’s impressive:

Kinda takes your breath away, huh?

23 thoughts on “The Ultimate Anti-Obamacare GOP Tweet

  1. I truly don’t know what to say. I mean, how can Senator Thune even pretend he’s making sense?

  2. Joan,
    He’s not sending that to people like us who live in the rational world, so he doesn’t even have to pretend to be making sense.

    That tweet was sent to the bigoted dim/half/nit/f*ck-wits of DumbFOXisstan – and to them, it makes perfect sense.

    Some of those people would be better off using their 2nd Amendment Right, blowing their brains out, and starting from scratch!

  3. Gulag: How can they blow their brains out when they don’t have any? There would just be a hollow booming sound. Although it probably would be an improvement.

  4. They must have rudimentary form of brain, grannyeable.

    After all, they breathe, blink, pee, and poop – and something resembling language passes through their lips.
    Of course, most of those traits amoeba have – minus the blinking. And language. Though we have a potted fern in the living room that’s smarter than most conservatives.

  5. Six million people risk losing their health care subsidies, yet Senator Thune continues to deny that the Republican party is bad for the American people.

  6. The republicants are expert at sending completely mindless clowns to the congress. Close to a quarter of a million voted for Thune in 2010, he ran unopposed? I really think the RNC won’t support any candidates with half a brain, the dumber the better and easier for their corporate masters to control?

  7. Gulag:

    They must have rudimentary form of brain, grannyeable.

    It’s called a brain stem and sits at the bottom of the brain just about where your neck is. The autonomic functions emanate from there. Damage the brain stem and you die. The fact that these people are breathing, etc, means their brain stems are working. That they are Republicans proves that the higher functions of the brain (e.i. the cerebral cortex et al.) aren’t working.

  8. Oh I think he said it intentionally to do the typical republican ploy of turning strengths into weaknesses. How many people really know or care about the background to this story? Everything is always Obama’s fault, it’s a game these republicans have mastered.

  9. How can they blow their brains out when they don’t have any? There would just be a hollow booming sound.

    Soda pop in my sinuses now. Ow.

  10. Gulag has it precisely correct; it’s being sent to another world that exists within our world.

  11. O.T. Our Doug’s plan to get a message to members of congress hits another SNAG. Gee I’m beginning to think that our representatives don’t give a flying f#ck what any of us taxpaying citizens think?

  12. Oh, Glaug, stop worrying about the tie pos. I have kidnaped your prufreeder, and its not your fawlt.

  13. I don’t know that its necessarily a lack of brains. I think its more a case of being so conditioned to reflexively attack Obama that they don’t stop to consider how anything even remotely related to Obamacare might reflect positively on President Obama. Basically, they just can’t help themselves.

  14. paradoctor:

    I think you mean:

    “Nobody move, or the n****** gets it. I mean it!”

  15. Gulag: You can call me anything. Just don’t call me after 9 PM cause I’m sleeping.

  16. More direct to the point of the post: I agree with those who said that this is the *perfect* counterpart to the chutzpah definition of “the quality by which a person who has murdered his parents can nevertheless plead for mercy because he’s an orphan.”

    Similarly, I’ve seen many people blaming Obamacare because Medicare is no longer providing big, fat reimbursements for uninsured people in states that refused medicaid expansion.

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