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  1. Go Donald! It’s about time that the GOP fielded a candidate that’s up for the challenge of leading our country back to its former glory. We’re Americans….and we don’t take shit from nobody.
    I love the way the Donald made short work of all the Repuglican hacks who dared to have the audacity to come up against him with any kind of criticism. That’s the kind of leadership America needs.

    On a serious note.. The Donald has probably reached his zenith in the polls. Now is the time for him to target Jeb to turn his current lead into a horse race. The rest of the clowns in the GOP circus are just clutter that will erode any of the advances Trump has made in early polling if Trump decides to mix it up with any of them. Jeb is ultimately going to be the nomination, so Trump should focus exclusively on creating a contest between Jeb and himself. In doing that he would insure himself a place in the contest and his numbers would only increase by the fact that he’s going after the strongest target.
    Trump has no political history to defend..Bush does, and he’s also got the dynasty stigma to overcome, and the history that comes with that stigma. Namely, the fuck ups of the two Bushes that preceded him. He’s got a lot of baggage just from that name alone.
    I suspect that Bush’s strategy is to lay as low as possible throughout the primary and just step over the carnage of infighting to claim the crown. But Trump has the ability — like Sampson — to pull the pillars of the GOP down and collapse the whole circus.

  2. Swami, “the Donald” does bring Samson to mind. Never, since Samson has so much been done with the jawbone of an ass.

  3. I think it was in the first article that the appeal of the Donald is established as his money among folked who think money = virtue. It’s been part of the mantra for decades that wealthy people are the source of prosperity. So one-fourth of the republican party sees Donald as a truly heroic figure.

    Trump may actually be offended by these other candidates. He’s threatened a third-party run if he’s not ‘treated fairly’ by the GOP establishment. He’s smart enough to know a third party run will ruin the chances of the GOP – and he’s petty enough to do it anyway. IMO, he’s blackmailing the party administration to allow him to win under the threat of a third party candidacy.

    The second article points out the folly of being an asshole and criticizes society for tolerating assholes as celebrities. The author doesn’t extend his remarks to include Maha’s ‘bigger asshole’ theory.

    The third article I favorited. Nobody should be allowed to use the word ‘opinion’ as a shield to spread ideas which are factually wrong. Social media needs to invent a word for just that occurrence so that whenever a falsehood is invoked as an ‘opinion’ the speaker can be slapped down for it with a single label.

  4. as a state-of-the-art internet dicklord, he appears to have had an anonymized [user id] that he used to send racialized newsgrumps at right-wing media accounts, and another that he used to bark pissy shaddups at the young athletes he thinks work for him.

    Dear David Roth: Please write a novel. About anything you want. I promise when it’s published, I will run right out and buy it!

  5. Dumb-‘n-old Chump isn’t the ‘dark heart of the Republican Party.’
    He’s the festering pustule on the A-hole of the A-hole party:
    The GOP.

    As for today’s a-holes, it’s because they don’t know history, and they’ve never really had any real suffering.
    The generations before us Baby Boomers (and I’m one of them), lived through The Gilded Age – when the rich lorded over poor working “peasants” – and WWI – when many boys and men went ‘over there,’ and never came home, or came back crippled – and the Great Depression – when sometimes even your ‘brother couldn’t spare a dime’ – and WWII – when everything from gas to meat to sugar to… well, EVERY thing, was rationed.

    Sure, some of our earlier “Boomers” ended-up in the horrors of Vietnam, but many didn’t.
    What the toughest thing we went through – before 9/11 I mean?
    Gas rationing in the 70’s.
    MEDIC! I’m hit! Where? In my wallet. IT HURTS! MAKE IT STOP!!!

    And how many of us were directly effected by 9/11?
    I’ve lived in NYC, and taught as an Adjunct in a college known for its business program. And yet, gladly, when I finally got through to some of my fellow Professors, no one at my college died in the WTC towers. Or in DC. Or in the fields of PA.

    And the, now, generations following us have also had it fairly easy – unless you volunteered for the military, that is, and ended up in battle.

    And even now, during and after The Great Recession – which was tough on many of us, I agree – we still have it far, far easier than our great-grandparent’s and grandparent’s had it.

    The generations before had more empathy.
    Sure, they had A-holes, too! But they were often told to ‘hush,” or ‘SU” – without the “T” and “F.”
    They had more empathy, because they had suffered. Or directly knew people who suffered.
    Neighbors who were hungry, and you saw what you could share with the meager store of food you had.
    Neighbors, friends, or family members, who died or were wounded in WWII and Korea.
    And everyone went through strict rationing. And everyone paid higher taxes because we had to rebuild this country after The Great Depression, and pay for WWII.

    We have more A-holes now, because, though not easy, times aren’t really all that tough, now are they?
    Really poor people, or people who know real suffering, aren’t A-holes.

    Now, this isn’t to say that I want Americans to suffer, so that there’ll be less A-holes around.
    We need more empathy.

    And some A-holes can be entertaining.
    It’s the hypocritical ones I can’t stand.
    Trump is a rich asshole, who is proud to be and asshole! He’s proud to be a loud asshole!
    What I can’t stand, are the people who are A-holes 6 1/2 days a week, but sit piously in their church or other religious establishment for a few hours, praying, and listening to the words of Prophets who tell everyone to love your neighbor and help out those who are poor.
    And on their way home, spit at the homeless guy or gal holding out a cup for some loose change.

    We need more empathy.
    Which means we can’t afford any more conservative leaders and their policies.
    Those people don’t have an empathetic bone in their body.
    How can they?
    All of them bones is greedy – and bone-stupid.

    I say, “GO TRUMP!”
    He’s a vivid display of the conservative Id.
    An Id that wants everything that you and I have.

    Maybe his candidacy will make people realize that we can’t afford any more A-holes as “leaders.”
    I hope so.
    I sure as hell hope so!

  6. Wow, the David Roth article is very well done. Wasn’t he in a rock band or something a few years back?

    Thanks zoomar, but, I have to admit that I came up with that quip many years ago and Swami was kind enough to give me an opportunity to use it. (bitcoins in the email, Swami.)

    Now, if I can only come up with a use for that “My Dinner With Andre” action figure joke, I can go to my rest a happy man.

  7. I’ve heard so much about Donald in the last few weeks that I’m depressed.

    I guess you could say that I’m ‘down in the Trumps.’

  8. Article One: Supreme Meta-evil. Conservatives trying to destroy Social Security/Medicare benefits run campaigns accusing Democrats of cutting Social Security and Medicare. May they choke on their own brass balls.

    Article Two: Assholism defined.

    Article Three: Opinions defined.

    Possible Article Four: Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one, even if they’re wrong.

  9. Hey, they can’t ALL be gems!

    I just wish I could come up with a gem every once in a while… ;’-(

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