22 thoughts on “The Absolutely Last Thing Anybody in This Country Needs


    Armed white yahoo’s come to town, and there’s nothing the police can do, because, well, they’re armed WHITE guys!

    If a group of armed non-white (you know, “Blah”) guys went on rooftops, you can bet there’d be a slaughter.

    Every time I figured that this country can’t get any stupider or crazier, I’ve figured wrong!

  2. Two thoughts:

    I am appalled and disgusted that the night after an 18 year old was shot by they cops, the dumba$$ local government declares a state of emergency and puts the cops in charge. Huh? That’s brain-damaged. Admittedly, it was reported the boy had a gun, but who’s saying that, the cops?

    The wingers are descending on a town where at least some of the locals know which end of a gun the bullets come out out of? Good luck with that!

  3. “…“protect reporters” from Alex Jones’ Infowars website.”

    Why would reporters need to be protected from Alex Jones’ Infowars website?

  4. Dan,
    If they’re with that conspiracy loon, Alex Jones, then the last thing they are, are “reporters” – they are instigators and parasites!

  5. What’s the sense of being an Oath keeper if you don’t get to play army? Those poor guys are savoring the last vestiges of their testosterone. It’s not easy surrendering the machismo.

  6. Swami,
    We would all be a lot better off if these assclowns left their testosterone drippings in a sock!

  7. Any wonder why we have so many incidents of cops killing black folk, these guys are all former / current members of law enforcement, some deadender military retiree’s. One thing these guys all have in common is they hate black folk, just like a good portion of the police throughout this country. Believe me I know one or two “oath keepers” personally.

    “If a group of armed non-white (you know, “Blah”) guys went on rooftops, you can bet there’d be a slaughter”

    Gulag they don’t have to be armed, they just have to be black! But yes if these gunhumpers were black the governor would bring in the National Guard!

  8. “Why would reporters need to be protected from Alex Jones’ Infowars website”

    Alex Jones is picking up were Dylan Roof left off! That being said I’m not sure why there are demonstrations anyway, its the one year anniversary of a “justified” shooting. I know alot of people don’t want to believe that but the justice system ran its course, the DOJ pretty much cleared Darren Wilson? we can’t just pick and choose what court rulings we are going to abide by, that what the GOP does.

  9. Could have been worse. They could have been exercising their First Amendment rights with words and songs and such things. Where does the Constitution say anything about the right to keep and bear protests?

  10. The last thing this country needs are more phony racist white liberals who talk the talk but choose to live as far away from people of color as possible.

  11. “phony racist white liberals”

    So is a “phony racist” really not a racist then, I’m confused again!

  12. I lived in Park Slope for 3 years back in the mid-80’s!
    I loved that neighborhood – very, very diverse!
    And the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Astoria was great, too!
    I lived there before Brooklyn, and afterwards.
    Again, very diverse – also with great food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On the other hand, I lived in very, very white Staten Island for a year.
    With no car.
    And the food sucked, too.

  14. This is one way the world is seeing us. Unfortunately, it may be a more accurate than the way we see ourselves:


    I started to respond to Tom’s post, but what’s the point? I guess there are annoying and hypocritical people of all kinds, I might even have been one from time to time. For my money, people can annoy me all they want, but if they start waving guns around that takes it to a different level.

    Well, I’ve got the Volvo fired up and I’m off for a five dollar latte and some soul food!

    Okay, just for the record, I live in a integrated, but very conservative neighborhood. Go figure!

  15. Maha, that’s my point. The white racists moved out of their once predominately white neighborhood because they didn’t want to live with blacks. It’s happened all over America. Black neighborhoods are black because of “white flight” I believe the present national figure for this phenomenon is 5 percent. Five percent blacks equals white flight. It is the white people who initiate racial segregation in America, not the blacks.

    • Tom — I grew up in the (all-white) Ozark Mountains southwest of St. Louis, and I know the St. Louis area, including Ferguson, somewhat, and I understand how segregated neighborhoods happened. I know there are vast numbers of white people who are jerks. But, y’know, not all of us are your enemy. And I’m not sure why white liberals in particular are pushing buttons.

  16. “It is the white people who initiate racial segregation in America, not the blacks”

    Well that’s kind of stating the obvious isn’t it? So somehow you have deemed that all those white folk who flee the neighborhoods when black folk move in are liberals, more specifically “phony racist white liberals “, now that seems far from obvious to me, I’m confused again!

  17. Well, when you put it that way, Tom, you’re absolutely right. Back when I was young, it was a phenomenon that even a kid couldn’t ignore. I wouldn’t say that the people who pulled up stakes were necessarily liberals, but, I really have no way to judge, from personal experience, at least.

    We may move in a couple of years, possibly out of the country, but, we may stay in the US. I like Asheville, Seattle, Portland, and “frisco” (I know, they HATE that.) It’s undeniable that all those cities are a lot whiter, than where I live, or say, Charlotte, NC, which is fairly close. All those cities have a lot more in the way of services and cultural resources than we do. San Francisco was our last trip. They have “diversity,” but, it’s a stratified diversity, and that part isn’t very pretty. It must be galling to have people profess an openness to all people and then push off to a “gated city” as soon as they get the quick and ready.

    So, Tom, I can see where your comment was coming from, and I appreciate it, because it made me rethink things a little. (But, I still think a bunch of guys carrying semiautomatic weapons are worse than we are, and I was just kidding about the Volvo and the latte.)

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