These Are the Jokes, Folks

Actual headline at Christian Science Monitor: Is Donald Trump the Next Ronald Reagan?

In the “you can’t make this up” department: Jim Bob Duggar Wants To Counsel Sexual Abuse Victims, Pitches New Reality Show

In the “karma’s a bitch” department: Arizona ‘Patriot’ Militia Busted By Feds In Plot To Steal Drugs From Bogus Cartel

Here’s the punch line: Jeb! is now arguing that his brother’s Iraq mission was accomplished.

10 thoughts on “These Are the Jokes, Folks

  1. Jim Bob is going to be selling a new line of tried and true parting boards. Just like the old song…What’s good enough for great great grandpa and his just good enough for me.

  2. Trump is absolutely, positively the new Reagan. They were both fearless about saying truly offensive things and both really knew how to play to the camera. The rest of the GOP field– like the last field and the one before that — are a bunch of faceless Koch-ettes who never (intentionally) go off script.

    Trump will even go so far as to criticize other Republicans. Read “APV’s” 1st comment on politicalwire: “”.

    I tell, ya, if The Donald drafts Caribou Barbie for VP or Secretary of State, he’s got the nomination sown up.

  3. With Reagan it was tear down that wall and with Trump it will be throw up that wall. Well, maybe Trump will finally stop the onslaught of cantaloupe calved rapist that has overtaken our country.

  4. Saw a clip on Maddow of T-Rump saying his favorite book was the Bible. “You just can’t beat the Bible” he even said. What a statement! Its ambiguity is astounding. I do not think he meant it to be that way, as it seemed a chunk of red meat rather than a reflection. The applause was disheartnening to me.

  5. Donald Trump is truly a horrible, horrible human being. If this is what Americans want for President, this is truly a sad, sad country. I am just too old and too tired to try to understand how any one in America would want such an uncouth, rude, bombastic, divider-not-uniter, crass, boorish, discourteous, gross, unseemly person for President is so beyond me. Sorry for the redundancy.

  6. That All Natural Brazilian Curvy- Diet advertisement on the side board is leading me into temptation. I’m gonna need a novena to Nuestra Señora to purge that image from my mind.

  7. I too was intrigued by the ad. However, I hear big butts are in nowadays. Guess it gives us women more cushion to sit on while we watch our guys flexing their muscles.

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