Sunday Funnies

Laugh or cry:

Donald Trump doesn’t think the 14th Amendment would stand up in court.

There are signs Jeb!’s campaign is faltering, and who else would move into the #2 position but … Ben Carson?

This week Carson said that there’s no “war on women”; the war is on what’s inside of women. After this statement was met with much head scratching and many WTFs, he said this:

Of course, since this is a Republican presidential primary, Carson was alluding to abortion. But he left out a relatively simple explanation for his “real war” by leaving out what he said previously, which was that the war he is concerned about is on “that cute little baby inside of them.” (He also said “we need to re-educate the women” so they rethink their approach to the procedure.)

More WTFs. (Re-educate this, you creep.)

13 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies

  1. You ladies with your icky lady parts, JUST LEAVE DR. BEN CARSON ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh sh*t, I forgot to order more “SNARK” at the store yesterday, so I’m fresh out.

  2. Just because Carson is a doctor does not make him an expert on women or babies. Women have been having babies since the beginning. He wants to re-educate women on the sanctity of life. Well, we women need to re-educate men on having respect for women and not treating them as prey. A new human being is created when sperm and ovum come together. So, if men stop seeing it as a privilege to just spew their sperm anywhere they choose without accepting the consequences, women will stop having unwanted pregnancies and not feel the need to have an abortion. As long as men (or should I say boys) feel it is their right to just have sex and then walk away we will continue to have this problem. It takes nine months for a fetus to become viable and able to survive in the outside world. We have a population problem on this earth and just to say it is god’s will if a woman becomes pregnant is inane. IMHO, 19 kids and counting is ridiculous, obscene and irresponsible. With patriarchy, men control everything, even women’s bodies. It is time for a change.
    What I say about men does not refer to the commenters on this blog. I find them to be responsible and they do have respect for women.

  3. So now it’s a war on the uterus?

    What a Taliban statement from Carson to say, “We need to reeducate women”. That’s the equivalent of saying that women are just brood animals who aren’t smart enough to know what is in their best interests.

  4. Re-educate women? Someone needs to remind Carson that ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’ is DYStopian novel.

  5. It’s easy to dismiss Trump as an idiot, but he seems to have done his opposition research. The email thing with Hillary is such an obvious “fishing expedition” it has gained minimal traction outside the GOP side of the Beltway. Politico, however, reports that Clinton’s second in command grew up in Saudi Arabia ( Good grief! I support Clinton’s right to hire anybody she chooses, but could she possibly pick a person with worse “optics”, looking forward to the general election?

    I continue to hope Bernie can pull ahead of her in the primaries– I think his “perceived negatives” and his ability to address his perceived negatives in public are likely to be more favorable to us Democrats. And anybody who wants to SUBSTANTIALLY reduce the cost of college has my vote, no questions asked. With teenagers in the house, that issue keeps me up at night.

  6. Ben Carson is a puzzlement to me: a brain surgeon who believes in Keebler elves, medically speaking. I don’t know how he can have such bizarre thought processes and still practice. Maybe it explains why he’s now a semi-professional politician.

    • joan16 — without knowing what he was like when he was younger I can’t know, but it’s possible he’s suffering from some early stage of dementia.

  7. Well, I certainly won’t make jokes about that. I know there are plenty of medical practitioners so mesmerized by religion that their scientific training was for naught, but indeed, Ben Carson sometimes says things that are beyond the pale.

  8. Surgeons are famous for being egotism all jerks, and whatever tendencies they originally had in that way get reinforced by the way they’re treated. Brain surgeons and heart surgeons are at the top of that heap, and more so if you’re really good at it (which Carson was, by all accounts). Dementia isn’t needed to explain his BS thinking. He just lives in a bubble that’s so insular it makes rich from birth entitled jerks like GW Bush or Trump look broad-minded.

  9. Again with not noticing Apple’s not-always-helpful autocorrect until just as I hit submit. “Egotism all” was originally “egotistical”. Why the “helpful” change, I have no idea.

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