11 thoughts on “The Best Thing I’ve Read So Far on the Recent GOP Debates.

  1. That article pretty much sums it up: a real clusterfuck! The worst thing about these republican debates is that we are not having debates with the democratic candidates in a timely manner. Our candidates look like nuclear physicists compared the GOP’s lot of religious zealots,racist xenophobes and drooling homophobes etc. Wassermann Schultz is an idiot for not scheduling these debates, the contrast would be so stunning even the corporate media whores wouldn’t be able to minimize it!

  2. Santorum quoted Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail” with reasonable accuracy, although of course he sees Kim Davis in the King role.

    That’s about as pure an example of “the banality of evil” as I can imagine.

    The images of a tripping Jindal were pretty hilarious, though. He must be a wild man at Mardi Gras.

  3. Our candidates look like nuclear physicists compared the GOP’s lot

    Amen, uncledad! I too wait anxiously for the Democratic response… and hear only crickets.

  4. Thanks to the craziness of Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney and the Koch brothers, the Republican Party no longer elects people who know what they’re talking about. And they can’t govern.

    The Koch brothers seem to relish the fact that so many of today’s Republicans are incompetent. They want dysfunction.

  5. “The Koch brothers….,They want dysfunction.”

    They want unquestioning obedience. And complete lack of scruples.

  6. I saw the video segment with Santorum ranting about Kim Davis and religious persecution. He must of had a sense that they were going to pull the plug on his microphone because he went off in a rapid fire fashion trying to get it all out before his time expired. Mixed in with his speed rant was a statement about a Defense of the First Amendment Act. I was surprised because I’ve never heard of a Defense of the First Amendment Act. Have I been sleeping or could he be proposing such an act, similar to DoMA? I don’t see how such an act would even fit in to the Kim Davis circus, but it is kinda a novel idea. Maybe a Defense of the Constitution Act might allow Congress to get on with the business governing. It also might help the Supreme Court to do a better job of interpreting the Constitution.

  7. “I was surprised because I’ve never heard of a Defense of the First Amendment Act”

    Oh yeah didn’t you know that the first amendment guarantees that only Christians are free and Jesus law is final? If you got a problem with that then they will introduce you to their lord and savior the second amendment!

  8. I live “just outside of Mayberry” the kind of town where, according to the right wing, “real Americans” live. You don’t have to lock your doors and the young people all call me “sir,” which kind of gets on my nerves, to tell you the truth. My codger babelfish translates it as “Gramps.” But, that’s another story. Lately, there are the pickup trucks, flag poles and fences sprouting confederate battle flags. Sometimes they have a US flag along side as well, sometimes a “Christian America” flag, which is associated with the Dominionists or the Christian identity movement. I wouldn’t even want to be a fly on the wall in those places. They seem like a good point of departure for a cheap thriller, part “Full Metal Jacket,” part “Handmaiden’s Tale” and part “Wicker Man,” with a reduced budget and grainy footage. Sometimes it’s best not to know.

    But, even the guys that hang around Floyd’s barber shop and the “church ladies” that married them, seem to have one thing in common, their minds are made up. They can be doctors, lawyers and professionals of various types, it doesn’t matter. In their world, faith is far more virtuous than reason, and liberals of all stripes are the Devil’s handiwork. There is no force on earth that would change their minds. There is no amount of crazy that would push their convictions aside. That’s where the tragedy steps in. When the crazy train gets moving along, it takes a crash to stop it, and we see different events on the other side of the crash. For me it’s a tribulation and for them it’s a lifetime pass to a Bible theme park.

    Let’s hope that clearer minds prevail.

  9. “sometimes a “Christian America” flag”

    Never seen one of them? “God hates flags”!

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